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My warm up routine and PEP

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The warm up I will be doing will consist of: * Easy 5-minute jog to loosen my muscles. * Muscle stretches hold each for 15 seconds and swap. 3-5 minutes of exercising gently gets the blood circulating. 1. Calf * Step one foot a large step in front of the other * Feet parallel, pointing forward * Back heel flat on the ground * Hands on the front bend knee * Back straight and head slightly down * FEEL the stretch in the calf of the back leg. Hold this stretch for 8-20 seconds 2. Hamstrings * One foot in front of the other, a small step apart * Sit back on the back leg (weight on the back leg * Stretch front leg (flex foot upwards for extra resistance) * Lift your buttocks * Hands on bend leg * Stomach in, head lifted and back straight * FEEL the stretch in the straight leg - just below your buttocks. Hold this stretch for 15-30 seconds 3. Quadriceps and Hip-flexors * Back straight * Stomach in * Supporting leg soft (slightly bend) * Push bend foot into your hand at the ankle - Not your toe * Use a wall or partner for balance * FEEL the stretch in the quad (hip) ...read more.


I have chosen interval training because it is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic respiration. It includes a work of high intensity and is good for aerobic and anaerobic training. It involves periods of work followed by periods of rest (each one of these is called a 'rep'). A number of reps are called a set; a training session would include a certain number of sets. This type of training is good for: *Team games *Racket games *Cycling *Running *Swimming. HRE components: C.V and M.E Energy Systems: Aerobic and Anaerobic Advantages: *mixture of energy systems in training session. *Easy to see someone giving up. *Takes place over short bursts of time. * Includes rest periods, which rid lactic acid. Disadvantages: * Boring. * Determination to maintain effort needed. Training Session: A) Warm up B) This is a training session to improve acceleration at the start of 100m races. 300m sprint _______ 30 sect walk = 1 rep Run to cone and then walk back = 1 rep. Repeat x 10 = 1 set. I chose circuit training because it's a series of activities set out so you avoid exercising the same muscle groups continuously. This type of training is good for all sports such as: * Football * Netball * Running * General fitness. ...read more.


This provides little additional training benefits for the amount of effort exerted. If you are overweight however, long training sessions at a low intensity (50% to 60% of maximum heart rate) employ fat as an energy source and are helpful in a weight/fat reduction program. Type = Choose an exercise that will involve as much muscle mass as possible. In other words, exercises that use the whole body or the larger muscle groups such as the legs and/or the back. *Make sure the exercise is of a dynamic contracting nature that involves movement (not isometric.) The exercise should be rhythmic to allow a consistent intensity. *The exercise should be capable of creating the proper training intensity. Details Needs Age 15 Weight 7 stone Sport Netball/Trampolining Fitness Level Very Good Injuries Occasional knee sprain Medical Problems Asthma Build Slight, petite. Spare Times Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays Determination Very Good Sociability Very good Likes Game Sports, (more so) Individual Dislikes Nothing Exercise Record At least 4 hours of dancing every night, 5 nights a week. I have chosen to study GCSE P.E in order to understand training methods to help me develop my study of sport. I will be creating my own P.E.P (Personal Exercise Programme). This programme will help me to improve my specific levels of fitness. From my individual needs I have discovered that I need to concentrate on the principle of specificity and overload. ...read more.

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