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Netball Analysis

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Netball Analysis During the netball game my position was as a goal defender and I mainly concentrated on attempting to intercept the ball from the opposition and safely pass it on to either the centre or the goal attacker. I intercepted the ball several times from the opposing goal attacker, I also attempted to be clear in a clear and open space at all times. The tactic that our team produced was to try and make short but safe passes to the position ahead of us e.g. from the goal attacker to the goal scorer. This tactic did prove to be extremely useful. ...read more.


In the game I did try and think that I did successfully kept one metre away from the opposition and I did place my hands as close to the ball as possible making it very difficult for him/her to successfully pass the ball. I did find myself without a marker at most times and I tried to make them tired by constantly changing my position and trying to keep them as well as my self on alert and them on their toes. I think that I could become better at netball by constantly looking for space and to place myself in a position that will either hinder the opposition's attack or contribute to the teams attack. ...read more.


When I would perform a chest pass I would step forward while throwing the ball from my chest to preferably the other team players chest that is on my side thus performing a flexion movement. I think that my overall mark for the netball module may be a six going on to a seven; I think that my mark for my actual game play would be a seven maybe going on to an eight. Whatever mark I get I will approve of mainly because I have learnt a great amount of things that I didn't previously know and so I can feel more confident when playing netball. ...read more.

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