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Netball circuit training?

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  • Essay length: 2340 words
  • Submitted: 01/11/2004
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GCSE Exercise and Training

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Danielle Molyneux

Physical education coursework

Netball circuit

What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a method of training. A circuit has 8 to 15 stations where at each station a different exercise is carried out for a certain amount of time. Circuit training can improve muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, aerobic fitness, muscular strength, speed and agility.

A circuit may also be designed for a certain sport. Circuits for this purpose will include exercises to improve all the muscles and skills associated with the sport.


My circuit-training program is for netball and is based over a 5-week period. The 12 stations are specifically suited to what is needed to play netball. The circuit is specified for a central player i.e. wing attack, wing defence and centre players. It is aimed at muscular endurance, speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance and ball skills. These are all needed for a netball player.

For example:

* Muscular endurance - to keep muscles contracting for the full length of the match without them becoming tired or weak.

* Muscular strength - the force of muscles exert when they contract. This is important for netball because

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