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Netball Training programme

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Netball Training programme This training programme is to be designed specifically for netball players to improve related fitness and skill that bull requires. The programme lasts for six weeks with one 40 minute session per week. In order to structure training programme accordingly, the factors of fitness and the training methods available, have to be considered. A netball player must have high levels of... * Cardiovascular endurance * Muscular endurance * Strength * Speed * Agility * Flexibility * Power * Co-ordination a netball player also needs to have good, fast reactions. Training methods available for these factors are: - The methods I have chosen which I think will best fit my training programme are:- Strength specific circuit Power Muscular endurance weights Cardiovascular endurance long interval Aerobic capacity Sprint interval Speed Agility drills and stretches Flexibility Speed Two factors that contribute to speed of reaction times and movement. Reaction time:-how quickly a performer can respond to something. It is essential for a netball player to have a good reaction time because it is a fasts paced again way you or me under pressure to react quickly in order to keep our the flow of the game. It can be improved with practice (obviously) and skill drills. ...read more.


Specificity Everyone has a different fitness level and your training should be adapted to suit you. You also need to make your training specific to the sport you are concentrating on. Reversibility This is how long it takes your body's fitness level to increase. It is far easier to use your fitness level and it is to gain it Week one This week I am going to concentrate on agility, reaction times, footwork, and strength and power. It will be carried out inside in either the sports hall or the gym . I am going to construct a set warm-up which I will do every week. It will consist of aerobic type activities such as jogging and dynamic stretches into movements that are netball specific. It is important that you carry out a warm-up synergy prepare the bawdy Fortes to calm. The warm-up raises your pulse rate therefore increasing the blood flow to your muscles, which in turn, and creases mussel temperature. This reduces the risk of injury and enhances performance. Set warm-up: 5 minutes 3 minutes: jog - must incorporate short sprints, side-stepping, high knees and kickbacks 2 minutes: thorough stretch * Ankle stretches * Calf stretches * Groin stretches * Hip rotation * Trunk twists * Tricep stretches * Deltiod stretches * Shoulder rotation * Neck stretches Drills and skills: 15 minutes Agility - Fan drill: 5 minutes This drill aims to improve agility and stamina 1. ...read more.


When complete rest for 1 minute Cool-down: 5 minutes 2 minutes: gentle jog into walk 3 minutes: stretching Week four This training session I am going to focus on footwork, co ordination, stamina, ball skills and flexibility. I had done a few drills which incorporate each of these points. Set warm-up: 5 minutes Drills and skills: 15 minutes Ball skills: 7 minutes Feeder starts with ball. Drops ball, as soon as ball leaves hands, worker can move forward to catch ball before second bounce. Worker then passes ball back to feeder. Feeder then passes ball over the head of worker, who then has to run backwards and catch ball before it bounces. Carry on for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds then change, feeder is now worker. Repeat three times each. This helps to improve footwork, co-ordination, stamina and a balance. Fan drill: 7 minutes Fan drill (as session one) but repeat each movement four times instead of three. Same rest period. On figure of eight drill, repeat three times instead of two. Rest 2 minutes. Physical conditioning: 15 minutes Muscle toning and flexibility: 15 minutes Set of stretches:- * Calve stretch * Hamstring stretch * Hip stretch standing * Shoulder mobility * Side stretch * Upper back stretch * Lower back stretch * Groin stretch * Hamstring/back stretch Hold each stretch for 8-10 seconds and repeat twice. Cool-down:15 minutes 3 minute jog 1 minute walk 1 minute stretches Week five ...read more.

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