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November 24th, My 14th birthday.

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Personal Reflective Writing November 24th, My 14th birthday. I lay there on the ground, motionless and frozen, my body jarred out at odd angles. I stayed there for what seemed like an age, experiencing extreme pain and then nothing. When I awoke, my eyesight fuzzy, I could just make out blurred shapes all around me asking faintly how I felt. My senses were weakened; trying to make sense of what violent distress my body had just endured, I felt faint. After a spell of lying on my back, I felt slightly better and less light-headed, I was helped to sit up, if I thought I could manage it. I could. ...read more.


My horse, Flo, had spooked at something outside, trying to remember now I believe it was a cat. Flo started bucking and I was thrown forward from his back onto the ground. As I was told later, I had rolled under him for some ten or twelve feet before I stopped. At the time, it was believed I had a dislocated shoulder, this being the reason for its temporary disablement. My mum and dad arrived shortly afterwards and they were informed of what had happened. My mum turned ghostly white. My dad, trying to look on the bright side said that he could think of worse ways to spend my birthday; which it was, than in the hospital where I was now going. ...read more.


Looking back now I realise the accident has had a paramount impact on my life and I tend to view safety form a different angle than before. In addition, my left shoulder and arm are much weaker than my right and becomes very sore during exercise. Furthermore, the bone sits at an odd angle in my shoulder because of the way in which it broke and subsequently healed. More over, when I am in my twenties, I may require corrective plastic surgery to prevent me from suffering from severe arthritis. I have returned to my horse riding, but I cannot even look at that horse let alone ride again, or any like it. My physical scars my be well on the way to healing, but the mental ones will be there for much longer; the memories of suffering acute pain and feeling useless, unable to do anything. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment section.

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