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Nutrition For A Basketball Player

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The sport that I have chosen is basketball. I am going to list the essential foods and nutrients of a basketball player. The Main nutrients a basketball player should consume are: Carbohydrates Complex carbohydrates are often referred to as starch or starchy foods. They are found naturally in foods and also refined in processed foods. Complex carbohydrates are harder to break down so they will supply energy for long periods of time, helping with training and maximizing performance. Complex carbohydrates as natural starches are found in: * bananas * barley * beans * brown rice * chickpeas * lentils * nuts * oats * parsnips * potatoes * root vegetables * sweet corn * wholegrain cereals * wholemeal breads * wholemeal cereals * wholemeal flour * wholemeal pasta * Yams. ...read more.


This type of fibre helps prevent constipation. Insoluble fibre is found in the following foods: * beans * brown rice * fruits with edible seeds * lentils * maize * oats * pulses * wheat bran * wholegrain breads * wholegrain cereals * wholemeal breads * wholemeal cereals * wholemeal pasta * Whole-wheat flour. Soluble fibre Soluble fibre contains gums and pectin. This type of fibre lowers cholesterol levels and controls blood sugar. It can be found in all fruit and vegetables, but the following are rich sources: * apples * barley * citrus * legumes * oats * pears * Strawberries. A basketball player will need fibre so they will feel empty before they can play, this will help with the performance of the player, as they will no longer feel heavy, but lighter and more agile, this will maximise performance, as basketball players ...read more.


Meal 1 Cereal (avoid highly sweetened cereals) Banana slices Milk (low-fat or skimmed) Toast/jam Pineapple juice Water Meal 2 Chicken noodle soup Crackers Orange Low-fat yogurt Water Meal 3 Poached Egg Toast/jam Milk (low-fat or skimmed) Orange juice Water Meal 4 Pancakes Applesauce Milk (low-fat or skimmed) Grape juice Water Meal 5 Turkey sandwich Apple Milk (low-fat or skimmed) Tomato juice Water Meal 6 Cottage cheese Breadsticks Milk (low-fat or skimmed) Apple juice Water Meal 7 Spaghetti/tomato sauce Bread Milk (low-fat or skimmed) Orange juice Water I have chosen the above foods, as they are very high in vital nutrients, e.g. Spaghetti and/ or bread are very high in carbohydrates. On Match-day a basketball player should have all these vital meals as they will optimize performance of the athlete and aid in their digestive system and make them lighter during the game making them more comfortable all round and improve their ability in the sport. g ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Johnson BTEC ...read more.

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