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On The Sidelines

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On The Sidelines CRUNCH! A West End Rovers defender just 'halved' East End United's star striker. He was in extreme pain, rolling about the ground with his legs covered in blood. His high pitched screams could be heard from houses in the next street. His leg was broken, the bone had completely snapped and it had ripped through his skin like a knife through cheese. Everyone was very concerned for Craig Close; after all he had been the league's top scorer for the past two seasons and was well on his way to making it three in a row. After Craig was stretchered off, the Red Cross workers did what they could to ease the pain of his leg but the pain in his heart was just as bad. Scouts from premier league teams had been watching him perform all season and rumours suggested that several clubs were in a bidding war for him. By all accounts he had been performing well all season and he would be an excellent investment at the age 21. ...read more.


After a couple of months, Craig's leg was coming on superbly. He went back to the consultant and it was all good news this time. "Well Craig, I must say your leg is healing quicker than I could have ever imagined. I know I originally said it would take six months, but at this rate, you could be back in about another two," said the consultant enthusiastically. Again Craig set off determined and full of ambition to be back to full fitness and back in the squad in two months. Each day Craig continued to work hard in the gym, knowing that one day soon he would be back training with the squad, back kicking a ball and back scoring more goals for the team. "It's good to have you back in the team Craig but since it's your first game back, I am afraid I'll have to put you on the bench. You have probably noticed that John Walker and Darren Fraser have had quite the partner-ship upfront in your absence and have fairly been banging in the goals," said Alan Watson, manager of East End United. ...read more.


At half time, it was 1-0 to United with Craig slotting home a tap in from a goal keeping error. In the second half, Rovers pulled one back from a penalty kick. At one all, Rovers would win the league on goal difference. The whole of United pulled together to try and get one last goal. In the eighty-eighth minute, Craig won the ball from a midfielder and set up Fraser for the shot. The crowd erupted, what a strike! The ball flew from Fraser's boot into the top right hand corner of the net. United managed to hold out for the win and Craig was named man of the match and handed the match ball with a bottle of wine, which he sprayed over everyone. Craig knew he had impressed the scouts as he could hear everyone talking about how someone had been sold although he thought it was strange that no one had spoken to him. Craig walked into the pressroom of East End United to hear everyone cheering, except, not for him. All he could see was Darren Fraser holding a Glasgow Rangers shirt with his name on the back. Total Words = 1,116 ?? ?? ?? ?? Short Story Richard Coutts ...read more.

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