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P.E - analysis of preformance

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Activity: Swimming (Front Crawl) Name of player: The important skills/techniques needed for a participant in her role: To be good in any aspect of swimming you need a decent level of strength, stamina and good cardiovascular fitness. A good level of strength is important in order to make you travel through the water at a respectable speed. A good level of stamina is needed to keep up a constant pace when swimming. When doing front crawl your arms need to enter the water correctly in order to obtain an efficient stroke, by doing this you also need to be streamlined. Cardiovascular fitness is required as this will get oxygen to blood at a more rapid speed, therefore your recovery time will also be quicker. You also need to have knowledge of the sport, to attain a correct stroke, and so you do not get disqualified from races. Analyse and identify in detail the strengths of the player/competitor: Whilst swimming Eleanor has got very good co-ordination which means that she has got good resistance and she won't become tired easily. Also she doesn't bend her knees too excessively which means that she will have effective leg action and will again have good resistance. When she enters the pool she doesn't over reach with her arm action, which means her stroke won't be too weak and her body won't 'snake'. ...read more.


Each day I will make her swim further to achieve overload. I will give her 3 days of for recovery. To make it more exciting and for a strengthening activity I will make Eleanor try and retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool, only using her arms. S To improve Elly's arm stroke whilst doing front crawl M Swim up and down the whole length of the pool only using her arms A I've agreed this drill with Eleanor R Yes, her arm stoke is already good T By the end of the week E I will make her do different activities to make it exciting R I will keep a record of her progress Frequency-Elly will have 4 training sessions this week. Intensity-Elly will have to do a lot of swimming for this drill; therefore she will have to work quite hard. Time-She will spend 2 hours a day on this drill. Type-Making her arm strokes stronger. Training Programme Week 3 Leg Action * You need to have good leg action to help you glide faster through the water. You have to make sure that your kick isn't too deep otherwise there is increased resistance and you get tired quicker. Warm Up I will make elly swim 5 laps around the pool To help elly improve her leg action I am going to make her put her arms out straight in front of her and make her hold a float so she can only use her legs. ...read more.


Stress- Stress will make you have a negative effect towards your performance because it can distract you from your goals, and it can make you lose your focus. * Social Family/Peer support- Support from families can really help performers because they can motivate you and make you want to do better so you can show them how good you are. But it can also have a negative affect because you feel you have to impress too much and this can lead to you making an unnecessary mistake. After practicing/training for 6 weeks assess how much improvement has been made: Type of Training Still needs Improving Average Well Improved Breathing Arm Stroke Leg Movement Body position Stamina Changes to performer Improvement Skill level Eleanor's skill level has improved as she has now got better co-ordination and agility. Tactical Awareness She hasn't really improved her tactical awareness/understanding because she already knew quite a lot about it. Improvements to fitness components Elly has thoroughly improved her fitness as has now improved her cardiovascular fitness and has a greater speed while swimming, from her body being more streamline. Greater knowledge of rules/regulations She knows the rules in detail and totally understands them. She didn't know any of them before. Changes to body shape/size/weight While doing this 6 week of training elly has got smaller around the waist as she has a smaller body mass but she has gained muscles in arms and legs. She has lost weight. ...read more.

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