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P.E Btec work -Assessing my Levels of Fitness

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´╗┐Fitness Test 1 : Sit Up Test Results Rating Male (18-25) Female (18-25) Excellent >49 >43 Good 44-49 37-43 Above Average 39-43 33-36 Average 35-38 29-32 Below Average 31-34 25-28 Poor 25-30 18-24 Very Poor <25 <18 Personal Score : 37 My score for the sit up test was good. The sit up test measures muscular endurance, therefore to move up to the excellent category I would need to improve my muscular endurance. The muscle I would need to improve would be my abdominal muscle. To this I would need to regularly do sit ups and gradually increase the amount and intensity of the sit ups. I would also need to give myself a SMART target: I will be in the excellent category in 4 weeks. Improved muscular endurance would also help my stamina in sports. ...read more.


To improve my score I would need to strengthen my triceps and to do this I would begin weight training. I would need ti increase the frequency of my training as the weeks progress and I would need to gradually need to raise the intensity e.g from twice a week to three times a week. Also to make my training specific I would do tricep dips. Fitness test 3: Illinois agility run Results Rating Males Females Excellent < 15.2 < 17.0 Good 16.1-15.2 17.9-17.0 Average 18.1-16.2 21.7-18.0 Fair 18.3-18.2 23.0-21.8 Poor > 18.3 > 23.0 Personal Score: 17.9 seconds My result for the Illinois agility run was good. Good agility can help me dodge defenders in netball and basketball. ...read more.


4.6 ? 4.5 5.0 ? 4.9 Poor > 4.6 > 5.0 Personal Score: 6s 43 My score for the 30m sprint test was fair. The test is measuring my speed and the power in my leg muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps and gastrocnemius), therefore to improve my sprint score I would need to strengthen my leg muscles and increase my power. To improve my power and speed in my legs I could start going to the gym and doing weight training such as bench presses to make my training specific. I could then begin to increase the frequency e.g going to the gym more often. To improve my speed I could do shuttle runs and shorter sprints, gradually increasing the distance. Increased speed and power would help in sports such as netball, basketball and badminton as it could help ...read more.

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