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P.E coursework Personal exercise programme (PEP)

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P.E coursework Personal exercise programme (PEP) AIMS & OBJECTIVES For the purposes of this investigation I will devise and accomplish a personal exercise programme over the six week period of the summer holidays. My programme is to improve my performance in my sporting life. My main sport is synchronised swimming. This takes: flexibility, cardio-vascular fitness, and muscular endurance. I have chosen to improve my abdominals endurance and the muscles in my arms: Bicep, triceps and my forearm muscles, This will make it easier to hold the positions that are required in synchronised swimming, such as the reverse vertical where the arms are required to skull to support yourself and others weight. I am also going to improve my flexibility all over my body, as holding positions is the main criteria for my sport particularly flexibility in my legs as the splits are a predominant part of the sport, in water and on land. I have chosen not to improve my cardio-vascular fitness as I believe that the other two aspects will improve my performance more noticeably. TESTING As I have already stated, the areas of fitness applicable to synchronized swimming are flexibility, muscular endurance and cardio- vascular fitness. So now I will explain how you would test each of these aspects and what you learn from each test, also including the results that I achieved. ...read more.


If we don't cool down properly it can result in dizziness or faintness. My programme week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1 REST 25S-up 25p-up Stretching& splits practice. REST Testing for muscular endurance orange circuit REST 2 REST 1/3 mile swim 2/3 mile swim 1 mile swim 30s-up 30p-up Blue circuit REST 3 TESTS 40s-up 40p-up REST Stretching& splits practice. 1 1/3 mile swim Orange circuit REST 4 45s-up 40p-up Exercise video 50 s-up 45 p-up Green circuit REST Blue circuit REST 5 1 2/3 mile swim Green circuit Stretching &splits practice 55s-up 50p-up REST Orange circuit REST 6 REST Green circuit REST Exercise video TESTS Blue circuit REST My programme diary Week 1 Day of the week Planned activity Actual activity Any comments? Monday Rest Rest An easy start! Tuesday 25 s/up 25 p/up 20 s/up 20 p/up Didn't quite meet my targets, Wednesday Stretching and splits practice Stretching and splits practice Bit painful! Couldn't really hold my splits. Thursday Rest Rest Time to recover from the aches and pains! Friday Testing Testing Get my real results, as the other ones are inaccurate Saturday Orange circuit Half the orange circuit Having just been camping, I was tired, so I didn't Sunday Rest Rest Easy, time to catch up! Week2 Day of the week Planned activity Actual activity Any comments? Monday Rest Rest Rest is Rest Tuesday 1/3 of a mile swim 1/3 of a mile swim Easily completed in 12 minutes Wednesday 2/3 ...read more.


Problems arose from my first week in the programme in which I was scheduled to go camping. This is a problem in itself: exercising in a tent isn't easy! However the camping trip was very active including kayaking, white-water rafting and climbing so I was still exercising. More inconveniences cropped up throughout the summer. I was touring America for three weeks of the six. This was difficult to exercise in for some days I would be driving for most of the day! My programme is varied, but there is one day that never changes, this is Sunday each one says rest, this is because I have been attending church since I was born and believe it to be a day of rest, so I have assigned it as a day of rest each week. So I obviously found this very difficult. If I were to begin a new personal exercise programme, I would perhaps create more possibilities for myself by attending a gym regularly; I would also ensure that I had nothing planned for the next six weeks! (Something nearly impossible with the life I live) I would also make my programme much more specific to the sport of synchronised swimming, as my programme is too general. I would try harder, to stick to it as some days if I was tired through time difference or heat exhausted I would decide to just have the day off, I shouldn't have done this, I must strive harder to stick to it daily. ...read more.

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