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P.E Evaluation - Circuit Training

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P.E Evaluation Doing a Circuit Training is the best training method I did. It worked specific muscle in different areas of my body (e.g. my arms worked on my triceps and biceps, my legs worked on my calves etc). I did do the exercises in the right order. But since there was a lot of people I had to work in groups in order to use the equipments. In Overload I would have increased the time of the circuit training for 2 hours. So that I would have done 2 minutes on doing the activity, 2 minutes recording. This will improve my overload to progress more on each station, making my body working hard, so my heart rate will increase. So my pulse rate will reach my training zone so that I can have maximum benefit. I did manage the programme very easily and therefore I didn't alter it in any way, because I did not want to make it harder for myself. ...read more.


Shuttle Run: On week 1 I was capable of completing 7 shuttle runs in a minute. By week 8 I completed 16, therefore, my cardiovascular endurance has increased. Passing: On week 1 I was able to complete 35 passes in a minute. By week 8 I was capable of doing 51 passes. Therefore my passing accuracy has increased so now I can passes to players more accurately and skill fully. Shooting: On week 1 I completed 4 shots in a minute. By week 8 I completed 5 shots. This increased my shooting power in my legs which increased my muscular strength. I can now shoot goals more accurately and more powerful then I did before. Skipping: On week 1 I was able to complete 90 skips in a minute. At week 6 I had an ankle injury which I could not participate during that week. By week 8 I completed 121. ...read more.


2 minutes for doing the activity. 2 minutes for recording the results. Type: I would have increased the number of stations to 10 instead of 8 because this will then increase the different types of working on the body. So the variety will stop boredom. I would have included weight training in conjunction with my circuit training because this will increase my muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance more effectively on my body while doing the circuit training at the same time. This would have progressed more into the aims that I have set in specificity. What I had learnt 1. Learning how to plan, perform, monitor and evaluate a health related programme. 2. How to use the equipments 3. How to do each exercise correctly. 4. How to see if the environment is safe to work in. 5. How to create a circuit diagram and use it. 6. How to record results and create tables and graphs for them. I had learnt a lot of things during these pass 8 weeks and would like to try another type of health related programme. Robiul Matin MA5 ...read more.

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