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P.E Fitness Tests.

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GCSE P.E Fitness Tests We staged a set of fitness tests to find out who had stronger parts of their bodies than others did. People taking this test in my group were: Mike, Ryan, Steve, Nick and Andy (Me) Flexibility Test This test was to see how flexible we were, in this test we sat out with our legs straight and our feet touching the wall. Over our feet was a box which had measurements from 0-38cm. Names Reach (cm) Mike 14 Ryan 7 Steve Nick 10 Andy 17 As these results show I have the biggest reach in this group and shows I have the most flexibility but only by 3cm. Back Strength This test was set out to see how strong our back was. ...read more.


48.6 45.8 As you will see by the results, Nick had the strongest grip on his right hand and also on his left hand. Also you can see that everyone in this group are right handed when they write, you can tell this usually by their strength in one hand to their other. Another way of telling this is because the more you use a hand the stronger it will become. Reaction Time In this test we wanted to find out how quickly you can react to something dropping. In this test we used a ruler and put our finger and thumb over 0cm on the ruler. We also used both hands, these results should relate to the grip strength. ...read more.


Chin up Test In this test we were testing how strong our arms were. In this test we used a chin up bar and we had to make sure our chin went over the bar. Names Amount Of Chin Ups Mike 16 Ryan 7 Steve 10 Nick 12 Andy 7 As you will see Mike has the strongest arms. Multistage Fitness Test In this test we tested our endurance and speed. The test is set out with cones at each side of the hall which are 20 yards apart and there is a CD player with a CD telling you when the bleeps where and what stage you was on. Each stage was divided into 8. After each stage there was an increase in speed what you needed to do. If you missed the cones twice you finished and that was the stage you reached. ...read more.

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