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P.E. GCSE Short Course-Coursework: Training Programme

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P.E. GCSE Short Course-Coursework Training Programme Plan: For this coursework I will be making a 6 week training programme for badminton. In this training program I will be doing many activities for warm up such as zig zagging around the sports hall and I will also do some stretches both for arm and leg muscles. And for my muscles cool down slowly after all that I will do some jogging and I will take some shots. Warm up; -Stretching: Stretches in the muscle of the arms will help to shoot better. You should start stretching from neck and work your way down to your ankles because it is important that the muscles around your body are all relieved. And chest presses is another thing that I could do whilst my training. For warm up I can also improve my skills such as serves and overhead shots. And activities such as running around the sports hall for twice or skipping for 20 times. Cool down; -Taking shots: I should be taking shots after the warm up because during the warm up my muscles will stretch and if muscles stretch too much and I make a sudden move after the stretching might hurt a muscle. ...read more.


when I finish, * I must ask my teacher if I can use the equipment I taken, * I must not leave any equipment around the sports hall that I took out, after I finish my circuit, * I must inform my teacher if anything goes wrong or if anything happens to me during the circuit, * I must tell my teacher when I have finished my circuit. Station 1: Here, I will be doing a quick warm up which means I will start jogging for about 30 seconds so that my muscles can start to work slowly doing this will help me to have an easier time while doing my stretches in the next stage because if I suddenly stretch a muscle that I haven't worked on then I will have to have my P.E. kit and my trainers on which means from now on till the end of the circuit I will have to apply the safety rules to my circuit and I also have to have all the equipment needed to complete the circuit. (2 minutes break after this>>the 2 minutes of break is not included in the real exercise time) ...read more.


Station 8: From here I will start jogging as I have finished the warming up so this means that I can also take a few shots and keep on jogging till I feel that my muscles are back to normal or as relaxed as they can be. Station 9: This is where I will be picking up all the equipment and putting them back to its place. Here I will also tell my teacher that I have completed my circuit and that it went fine (or if there was any problems, then they should be told to the teacher). Evaluation: In this coursework I did everything that I was asked to do and my graphs also gave me good and accurate results which have proved my circuit right. There could have been better things in this coursework but my illness made me lose 3 double PE lessons where it was talked about the coursework and the lack of time we had really made it poor. Even though the coursework was a disaster I made a very good effort in putting everything together. I am hoping that this will be a good essay. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Sidar Ozbek (11 JB) 10/05/2007 ...read more.

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