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P.e.p I will be looking at how to improve myself in Football.

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PEP COURSEWORK My Name is Iqbal Khaleqi, I'm in year 11 of Brentside high school and for my PEP (Personal Exercise Program) I will be looking at how to improve myself in Football. Strengths: One of my main strengths in football is my accuracy; I am able to pass the ball to other team members quickly and easily. I am also good in defence position because I can keep the opposition from getting too close to the goal. I also have great passion for the game so mentally my motivation and my determination are quite high. Weakness: I believe my weaknesses are firstly having bad muscular endurance and muscular strength as towards the end of an average football match my legs start to get tired from repeatedly kicking and passing the ball around which leads to affect my overall performance. I also find that my shots end up having less power in, near the end of the match. So I will be defiantly looking to improve my stamina, my concentration and agility. Targets: I will be looking to improve all aspects of my game but my main target and focus will be to improve my stamina (cardiovascular fitness) because in game of football you need to be able to last a good ninety minutes without becoming too tired. I would do this because I believe I can keep my pace and be on point and alert for any sudden tactical manoeuvres. This will help my overall performance in football as it is more likely to keep the opposition stickers of the ball and to be able to operate jointly with other colleagues throughout the match. Expectations: Over the duration of the PEP I want to see an improvement in all of my tasks. I believe stamina can help my football a lot because when you're at your fittest, your concentration is higher and your work rate and determination are much higher all the way through the end of the match. ...read more.


At the end of the circuit once again we count our B.P.M for 20 seconds times it by 3 and record it and same again until it's back to the normal heartbeat and we write down in how many minute our hurt beat recovered (went back to normal before I started the circuit). Weight training: This involves moving heavy weights to increase the muscle strength. To increase the muscle strength, players usually do short sets of work outs with breaks in between. This will only improve the strength of a muscle and not endurance. Cross Training: Involves using a variety of activities to develop general fitness; for example a footballer could go cycling or running once a week to improve their fitness without straining the muscles they use in their main activity. Fartlek Training: Means "speed play" in Swedish. This training involves varying the intensity of the exercise (often running); for example a trainee could sprint for 10 seconds, then walk for a minute, and then jog for 3 minutes. Interval training: This means that performers do short exercises with rests in between e.g. a sprinter sprints 50 m and rests for 3 minutes before sprinting again to improve on their speed and agility. This defines that interval training improves speed but not endurance and stamina. Continuous Training: Bleep test is a great example of improving your fitness. The bleep test is a fitness component it aims at improving your fitness with a series of levels; we will be in a sport hall in school and run 10 metres to do the other side of the sport hall before the bleep if you don't reach the 10 metres before the bleep you out and your teacher will tell you what level you achieved after every week you will improve if you train hard if not you will get worse. * For my physical heart fitness, (cardio-vascular fitness) ...read more.


My recovery rate has also speed up allowing my body to recover quicker and enhance its performance. From this I can tell that my fitness has significantly improved because it requiring less effort from my heart to get blood around and this also shows that my blood is flowing more freely throughout my body. During the 6 Weeks of my PEP my stamina and my muscular endurance has gradually increased as will. In my first Bleep test I really found it hard to run so I only got to level 12, at the end of my PEP when I done the bleep test again I found it easier to run, I had really improved a lot gradually from level 12 to level 16. The bleep test was challenging yet enjoyable trying to beat my previous score I think if I had another 6 weeks I would rise up to level 20. My School lessons were about improving my muscular endurance by doing a circuit. My first circuit was mentally easy for me because I always train my upper body in strength at home or gym. I knew my muscular endurance was good so I was really looking forward to it .My first muscular endurance circuit went fine and every week after I kept improving. I improved most on weights and press ups, set ups and skipping but was disappointed with my squat thrust and if given a chance I would look to improve my squat thrust. I overloaded by attending every gym classes after school sessions and attending every practical lesson for example in muscular endurance I decreased the rest before each stations to overload and progress in my fitness I also increased my time in over all work out. If I was give a chance to improve another aspect of improving performance I would do speed and controlling the ball as I'm slow at running and as a defender pace is vitally important and controlling is even more important as defender. ?? ?? ?? ?? BY IQBAL KHALEQI 11R ...read more.

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