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P.E.P- Push Pass Hockey

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Joseph Rowntree School G.C.S.E. Physical Education Personal Exercise Plan Name- Emma Keaney Form- 10PH Candidate Number-6595 Teacher -Mr Haigh/ Mrs Hughes My sporting profile A1 - Sporting background When I was 3 I did gym until I was 7. When I was 8 I played rugby for New Earswick all blacks for 1 year. When I was 5 I started doing swimming which I did until I was 14. I also did rugby for school where I did contact and we were winners in the Marston Moor Cup, I also did tag where we won many competitions and won the chance to represent York in the Youth Games where we came runners up. I played cricket for school for 2 years and got scouted for York, which I played for them a year. I also played netball for school for 2 years in the A team winning many tournaments. When I was 10 I did horse riding for 2 years. And when I was 5 I started playing football for Haxby F.C but then at the age of 11 I moved 2 play for Wiggington girls, then at the age of 14 I got scouted for North Yorkshire Centre Of Excellence, and that's where I currently play. ...read more.


again speed Need to be quick at getting to the ball especially when in the keeper kit strength Need to be able to get the attacker off the ball without giving a foul away stamina Need to be able to stay active all the game if playing against a good team Area of Specific/General Fitness Goalkeeping Continued Reason required Flexibility Need to be able to reach for the ball in difficult places Hand eye co-ordination Need to be able to look at the ball without looking at your foot because you lose concentration of the ball Area of Specific/General Fitness Defending/attacking Reason required strength Need to be able to tackle a strong attacker/defender and be able to get to the ball first/round a defender stamina Need to be able to stay with a player when they have speed/ get past the player sprinting Need to be able to sprint back from the centre and chase after a quick player/ sprint away from a defender speed Ned to be able to chase after a player and be first to the ball endurance Need to be able to keep going for all ...read more.


D1 - Diet/Nutrition D2 - Safety D3 - Warm-up/Cool-down D4 - Where/when/with whom D5 - Structure of the session D6 - Principles of Training D7 - Methods of Training Section F - Evaluation Did I meet the aims of my PEP? Was my planning efficient? 5 ways to improve my PEP What went well? What went badly? What aspects improved the most? Was the PEP enjoyable? What have you learnt about yourself? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/hockey/4186758.stm Step 1 Your hands should be about 30cm apart. The left hand at the top of the stick and the right a bit below. Keep your feet apart and knees bent. Step 2 Make sure your back foot is roughly in line with the ball. Keep your stick in contact with the ball as you begin to shift your weight from back to front foot. Step 3 and 4 Follow through keeping your stick in contact with the ball for as long as possible, increasing the speed of your stick head as you near your front foot. To gain more power and pace, make sure you are nice and low and side on to the target and follow through strongly with your stick - it should finish pointing towards the direction of the pass. . ...read more.

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