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P.E.P. The aim of this P.E.P is to build up my muscles and physique for a good and strong golf swing.

Extracts from this document...


Personal Details. Height: 6 ft 0 (approx.) Weight: 9 1/2 Stone Sport chosen for P.E.P: Golf Recent Injuries: none Health Problems: none I would describe myself as a fairly healthy person, and fairly fit too. I do not smoke or drink. I partake in a lot of sport. This is described below. Sports: I play Badminton twice a week for my club (Stormont) and in school at an after school club on a Monday. I play squash one or two nights a week. I play football three/ four days a week. I also swim quite frequently. During the summer holiday I play golf at Kirkistown Castle Golf Club where I play off 16. I play for the Fred Daly, Jonny Dickson and Norman Drew teams. I play golf every day and wakeboard when the weather permits. If the water was not good enough for the boat to go out, I would go for a run down the beach followed by a swim in the sea. I would also ride my bike most days. Aim. The aim of this P.E.P is to build up my muscles and physique for a good and strong golf swing. I will try and achieve this by first testing my muscle capability by finding our 1 .M of a weight on the deltoid press. Then every week I will work on exercise to increase the power of my muscles (biceps, deltoids and triceps.) then record the amount of change after the amount of weeks. I will also be trying to increase the flexibility in my lower back so I have a freer back swing and follow through. It is the lower back that is the main reason a golf shot is played incorrectly, either under or over movement. I will be using medium weight medicine balls and basically swinging them like a golf swing to achieve greater flexibility in my lower back. ...read more.


Joint Immobilisation Muscle Stretch and Joint Immobilisation are very important in golf. For my warm up I am going to use a section of the gym and split it up as follows. Side bends. This stretches the Oblique Muscle and also help stop a 'Stitch.' Tricep stretch. Trapezius stretch. Biceps and Lower Back Stretch. I will place my arms horizontally in line with my shoulders and turn my upper body round using momentum from the lower back and the moving of my biceps backwards. Many of these stretches can be seen on the First Tee box at every golf club. People often stretch the lower back, shoulders and arms on the first tee of in the locker room. Because I am focusing on my upper body, specially my arms and shoulders, I am not doing any leg or lower body stretches. The Cool Down. This is used to help your body to recover after vigorous exercise. It is just as important as the warm up. I will keep active; in other words, keep moving my muscles for five minutes after training to allow my muscles to cool-down. It is very important to properly stretch the muscles that I used in the weights training. For my program I will be using weights training because it will result in * Increased strength and muscle tone. * Increased heart and lung efficiency. * Increased flexibility, mobility and coordination. * Reduced risk of high blood pressure. * Lower cholesterol level. * Provides an outlet from work or other stressful elements. To insure my Workout is successful I need to be working inside my Anaerobic Threshold. My resting heart rate is 64BPM. My Max Heart Rate is 220 - My Age. (205BPM) This mean that my Anaerobic Threshold is The amount of time it takes you get from your Max Heart Rate to your Resting Heart Rate is called your Recovery Rate. ...read more.


After each week my muscles felt tired and sore, which means that the program was working and I was getting stronger, then the post-test proved that I was getting stronger. Final Overall I am very happy with the outcome of my P.E.P because I have become stronger, which was my Aim. I think that this was the best possible outcome with the time we were given to complete this coursework and the resources we were given to actually do the exercises with. The only problem was that the exercises could not always be done in the correct order because other people were using the equipment. I am very happy that I have met the aim of this coursework and think I have done it in a well-structured way. I am also pleased that my post test scores were in fact better than my pre test scores, thus meaning I have become stronger and can now hit a more powerful golf shot. Without this happening the exercise program would have been wrong. Also from doing all the tests and exercises I have found it easier walking around the golf course as I am now less tired after a round. I have done other small tests that were not included in the P.E.P and have found that I am in fact stronger and can lift more weight on different machines in the gym. I have also noticed a few yards distance increase at the Driving Range. This was a test I did, I hit the ball in a controlled, powerful way before the program and when I measured again after the program I was consistently hitting the ball five yards further. Form looking at all my graphs of Heart Rate and Recovery Rate I have also found out that my Rates have decreased, so the program has worked because this is what I wanted to happen because the quicker your recovery rate, the fitter you are. I am very happy with how the whole piece of coursework went and am glad that I have met the Aim of the P.E.P. C.McNally GCSE PE 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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