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P.E.P The sport that I am going to do my P.E.P (personal exercise programme) is football.

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Personal Exercise Programme Section 1 ~ Aims Personal Profile The sport that I am going to do my P.E.P (personal exercise programme) is football. I have been playing football for around 9 years. Before this season I played for a Sunday league team called Fleur de lys. I played for these for 6 years until the manager last season until the manager decided we should split. In my time at the club we got promoted twice, won three tournaments and the Portsmouth Cup once. During this time I also played for our school team. This season I have signed on for Portchester FC. We are currently in the Hampshire league and doing well. Hampshire league is a big step up from Sunday league football and the quality and pace is to a far better standard. I train once a week for Portchester, play 5-a-side every Thursday and have a 90 minute match every Sunday. In training normally do two different sections. It compromises of fitness and skill/match play. For the first half an hour, we warm up, go on jogs, fartlek training, running in and out of cones, etc. The second half we do dribbling or other ball skills, shooting practise, one-on-one, set-piece practise or a 5-a-side match. Aims I play 'right wing back' and the general qualities for this position include strength, speed, good awareness, aerial ability and cardiovascular endurance. I am at the autonomous stage of my game as i think I have got all of these qualities but some to a better standard then others. I need to improve in my strength and cardiovascular endurance. Strength will give me a better chance of coming out of a tackle with the ball and will help when shielding the ball. It will also help my aerial ability if I improve my strength as I will not as easily be legally pushed when going up for a header. ...read more.


It takes a lot longer to gain fitness than lose it. There is a combination of 4 targets (frequency, intensity, type, time) that need to be achieved to meet the minimum level of fitness. Training is adapted by changing any one or more of the FITT combinations. > Frequency - Frequency is the number of times exercise is undertaken per week. The more times a person exercises the more often their body is put under stress. The recommended number of times per week you should exercise is 3. This gives your body time to recover. (In Weight training, then recovery period is especially important as this is the time your body rebuilds the damaged fibres.) > Intensity - This is the level of difficulty of the exercise. Working in a target zone of 60-80% of the maximum Heart rate is the level where fitness will usually increase. The intensity can easily be changed to suit the performer by how many reps, sets etc etc you do. > Type - This refers to the kind of exercise. It can be exercise to suit the general fitness of the player or, if training for a specific event, training should reflect the activity. As long as the activity lasts for 20 minutes whilst maintaining 60-80% of the maximum heart rate, fitness will usually improve. > Time - This is how long you do it for. Keeping your pulse at 60-80% of its maximum for 20 minutes is the target. Warming-up is not included in the 20 minutes. Tedium - One of the main reasons people stop or don't enjoy doing exercise is because of boredom. To prevent me from lack of motivation I will be doing my circuit with a partner, taking it in turns to use each machine. We can talk, encourage, spot and just generally help each other. I will also alter my circuit from time to time for example, instead of going on one machine for two sets...go on each machine for one set, and repeat the course. ...read more.


I used both free weights and fixed weights. This was due to the lack of machines in the gym and also that there wasn't always some to spot when lifting free weights. Fixed weights are safer and ensures that technique is correct. Free weights provide quick, explosive strength and are for a bit more experienced gym users as you have to know all the right techniques/positions otherwise you run the risk of injury. Most of the time, I went round the gym circuit with a partner. We encouraged each other and helped each other when needed. As we also had someone to talk to, we didn't get bored. When I didn't have my partner, I found it quite boring and found that I wasn't as highly motivated. Modifications for future use of principles I felt I rushed through the overload exercises on the machines. I would of benefited more if I lifted the weights more slowly. This would of made it harder, but I would of Improved a lot more. I could also do some outdoor running. This is more specific to my sport than running on the treadmill. Modifications for future use of other factors I would use more free weights. This would enable me to work on specific muscles rather than overall muscle groups. This would make my training more specific to my sport. To prevent boredom, id always try to do the circuit with a friend to help and encourage each other. Another solution to prevent music would be to listen to music. Although there was music playing in the gym, it wasn't the most up beat of music. It would be better if I was listening to my music. This would also keep me motivated. The main thing id do if I were to do my pep again is extend. In 6 weeks I could start to feel the effects of the training whereas if I did for double or triple the time, I know I would of definetly improved my strength. It would show both mentally and physically. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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