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Activity Profile Section 1 Since coming to Ballyclare High School I have took an interest in a lot of sports. In my first year I took part in table tennis, rugby, badminton, cricket and athletics. In second an third year I decided to concentrate on 2 or 3 sports, I chose badminton, rugby and cricket. I attended training sessions at ballyclare rugby club for a few months but was unable to be selected for Saturday matches because of school commitment. Now in year 11 I am enjoying my badminton, rugby and cricket more and feel I can still improve. I try to do some exercise everyday. Obviously some days are more vigorous than others, the main reason why I exercise because I would hate to be overweight and have health problems because I didn't do enough exercise. I enjoy exercising, I like playing team sports but I also like going to the gym on my own to train. My life is structured mainly around exercise; if I wasn't exercising I would be board and have nothing to do. Sometimes homework's prevent me from going to badminton on Wednesday nights. I wanted to do GCSE PE because I wanted to learn more about my body and my different muscles. ...read more.


1hour 30mins Light Ballylinnie church hall Sunday Run 1.5miles check pulse every 5mins Hard Carnlea road Week1 beginning 26/02/06 New activates to be taken up (in RED) After my evaluation of my QUB tests I found that my weaknesses were in my V02 MAX test and in my sit and reach test. I have added in some extra activates into my schedule to try and improve on my poor results in the next testing. I will use the principle of progressive overload to quicken the pace of my jogging throughout the weeks. Eventually I aim to add in another jog somewhere into my schedule. Stretching session - 1. Calves - put one leg over the other in a standing position, reach down and try and touch your toes 2. Quads - bend your leg backwards at the knee and pull your foot towards your gluteus 3. Hamstring - put one leg out in front of the other in a standing position then with your foot still on the ground pull your toes up towards your shin and try and touch the ground with your hand 6. Triceps - put your hand up on your shoulder and pull your hand down your back 7. ...read more.


first cricket session of the new season started this week on Friday morning; the intensity wasn't too hard as we were just bowling. For this week I took out the extra run as I felt I was over working myself Week5 26/03/06 Morning Afternoon Night Total Time Intensity Place Monday Stretching session 20mins Light Ballyclare high school + Home Tuesday Games-cricket nets Gym 2hours 40mins Hard Moderate Ballyclare high school + Ballyclare Leisure center Wednesday PE-athletics, timed 100m MSE (press-ups, sit-ups and burpees) 1hour Moderate-Hard Ballyclare high school + Home Thursday Fitness suite 1hour Moderate Ballyclare high school Friday Cricket Stretching session 20mins+ 40mins Light-moderate Home + Ballyclare high school Saturday Cricket 2hours Light Ballyclare high school Sunday Run 1.5miles check pulse every 5mins Hard This week was the start of our summer games program -cricket and athletics. I had an extra cricket practice on the Saturday morning with the senior boys but I felt fine for the run the next day. I have been timing my runs and the time has been getting consistently lower but not by much- Week1 24mins, 2miles Week2 23mins, 2miles Week3 21mins, 2miles Week 4 22mins, 2miles-the time went up because the conditions were bad, it was wet and windy Week5 18mins, 2miles ...read more.

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