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PE - 6 Week Training Programme

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6 Week Training Programme I have decided to write a training program because I need to improve my fitness and level of performance in the sport of football. This program links to my sport because it helps improve aspects of my game which I need to improve. I like this sport because it's fun to play and it can be played almost anywhere as long as you have a football. Also you play as a team which can help you improve your social well-being. I played two week for a team in Edmonton without much success as I only spent two weeks and only played two matches there. Within my 6 week training program I will focus on improving my endurance and shooting. These components are important in football because if you don't have endurance you can't last the whole 90 minutes of a match and you will tire out quickly. ...read more.


For power I will shoot from range and see how accurate the shot is so this links in with accuracy. Then I'll take down the results after 20 shots and try again afterwards to see how much I've improved. In my training program I have to ensure that I am going to be training anaerobically for me to improve on the component of endurance. So I have decided to use the method of training called circuit training. The reason for this is 1. To improve my fitness in the sport of football and improve my endurance so I can last the whole 90 minutes of a game. 2. To improve skill and maintain a high level of performance through a whole match. 3. To improve my The next component I will be training is power/accuracy in shooting. I have decided to use the method of training called interval training. ...read more.


Fitness or skill component: Shooting Week How many times I do exercise/drill each week How many times or how long I do exercise for? Resting periods between exercise (if needed) 1 2 3 4 5 6 WHOLE 6 WEEK TRAINING PLAN WEEK/DAYS MON TUE WED THURS FRI SAT SUN 1 REST CIRCUIT SKILLS - SHOOTING TEST RESULTS CIRCUIT STRETCH REST PLAY MATCH 2 3 4 5 6 Monitoring Monitoring means keeping some sort of record on what you're doing and keep a check on your progress. I can do this by using tables to record my results each week by making a spreadsheet. Make brief notes and comment after each session so that I have a diary just incase things don't go wrong on the day like things that may affect my results. Record my HR or other measurements as a regular part of each session so I can display my weekly results in certain types of graphs. ...read more.

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