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PE Circuit Training

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What do I need to take into consideration when planning my training Programme? In my training circuit I will need to consider the five principles of training which are: Specificity Specificity is when you concentrate on a specific type of exercise to improve or build upon certain parts of the sport which you are training for. This will be put into practise on every station of my circuit as each station will be specified to meet the demands of my certain sport. Progression Progression means increasing the rate training to enhance performance. In my circuit I will start of with a few light warm ups but as the training goes on I will increase the speed and intensity of the circuits for example I will put the easy and less physically demanding activities first then towards the end I will add the more physically demanding ones such as press ups. This will improve help to improve my stamina. . Overload Overload is when you are working in your threshold and this is where you are most likely to improve by making you're muscles work harder and putting greater demands on your body. To achieve overload and to make my training circuit push me to the limit I will have to make my circuit hard to do this I will increase the pace in which I do each activity. Overload is one of the key things that make you improve on your strength or fitness. When you are working in between 60-80% of your natural heart rate this point is where exercise is demanding enough to have an affect on the body therefore I need to make sure my training circuit is demanding enough. Reversibility Reversibility is when you stop training and you're body becomes weaker and less fit. There for I will have to make sure this doesn't occur during my circuit as it will affect my final results and my fitness. To stop this occurring I will do the circuit every week. ...read more.


I will also have to be aware of the risk of possible injury. Intensity Intensity is the level of difficulty of the exercise. At the start of my circuit I will have the least physically demanding station, for example the stalk stand, then later on I will introduce the more physically demanding ones such as press ups. By doing this I will be increasing the intensity and making the body work harder. I need to make my circuit as intensive as possible so I am always working in my threshold. I also must remember to pace myself, when I begin to do the circuit twice a week , as the increase in activity could initially predispose me to injury . Tedium In order to make my training circuit successful I will have to make sure tedium doesn't occur, so I will have to make my circuit as interesting as possible. To make sure this doesn't happen I will only allow 30 seconds rest between each of the stations.This will keep me active and as a result keep me focussed. Another way to make my circuit interesting is to set myself targets for each station. This will make me work harder on each station and also make me more interested in what I am doing Safety There isn't too much risk involved with the equipment that I am using in my circuit, but I feel I still need to be careful in order not to injure myself. My training circuit will take place in a sports hall with a wooden floor. I must wear appropriate footwear with good grip to prevent any injury from slipping on the floor. Also because other people are doing their circuits at the same time I must make sure I have enough space for each station, so as not to clash with neighbouring stations that could result in injury. I will have to make sure I am keeping my body active at all times, as if my body cools down and becomes stiff, I am much more likely to get an injury when restarting exercise. ...read more.


I would also have been able to pace myself better making sure I got the best scores possible on each station. On the whole I believe my circuit went well, as I thought it was at the right level in comparison to my fitness. It was important to make my circuit at the right level as if it had been too easy then it wouldn't have made me work in my threshold, therefore it would have been unlikely that I would have improved my fitness. Also if I had made my circuit too hard it would have meant that I would have been a lot more likely to pick up an injury and also I wouldn't have been able to perform as well at each station .I did enjoy completing my training circuit as I enjoy keeping fit. I believe this was one of the main reasons my training circuit was successful as when you enjoy doing something you put more effort into it. I felt I did push myself to the limit on each station of my circuit. I know this because of how I felt physically and my results proved it as they show my fitness has improved over the 6 week period. Overall I am very pleased with the way I completed the training circuit and I am pleased with my results. My results Activity Equipment Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Illinois Test Cones 12.3 11.35 11.56 10.62 11.54 11.05 Skipping Rope 76 89 91 82 72 92 70 90 step ups Bench 35 41 40 47 24 48 26 51 Co-ordination Tennis Ball 84 89 86 91 86 89 87 87 Sit ups Safety Mat 35 38 39 37 29 39 32 38 Ladders Ladder 22 31 30 34 25 32 24 33 Shuttle Runs Cones 13 14 14 14 12 14 12 14 Sprint Starts 61 60 52 63 47 62 43 62 Press ups 34 29 31 33 18 34 20 36 balance Stop Watch 4 6 3 7 4 2 8 9 ...read more.

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