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pe pep on swimming

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FOR SWIMMING By Matthew Bell I have chosen to complete my personal exercise programme on the sport swimming. I have chosen the activity swimming because I am very interested in it. I have been doing it since early primary school and have continued onto now the end of secondary school. I think that it is the sport I no most about and I am most interested in doing. I swim in school and also out, I have progressed through out the years in my level of performance and I believe completing a personal exercise programme will improve my performance in all areas even more to a higher level. I have swam with people at higher standards than myself and also lower. I have been swimming for 12 years and it has developed to become one of my favourite physical activities. This has included watching England swim and participating with high level people my self. I personally enjoy this sport so much because of the techniques needed. It is a very exciting activity and does need a lot of taking part. Your body has to be thinking in different ways and working at high standards. I like the involvement that is expected from you in training sessions and the exciting in races and competitions. It is an individual activity and you must focus on you and only. I don't just like to swim I also take part by swimming very frequently. I previously swam for the school team and have also took part in outside of school teams. I would also like to now proceed further into swimming and sign on to a local team. This will hopefully help me to become a stronger swimmer as I will be around others with a lot of skill and devotion. I have training once or twice a week and competition come up quite often. My most preferred lane when racing is the outside left lane To be successful in Swimming ... ...read more.


* The test that we completed to find out how good our component of power was we had to do a standing jump. This was where the person would stand at a point marks and take three standing jumps. These would have to be completed with the feet together unless the back of the rear foot would have to be taken. Once the three jumps are completed the participant would stand in there position and someone would measure from the starting position to the back on there rear foot. This proves the power that the person can get out of there body. This is needed in swimming because when a competitor needs a good strong dive at the start of the race to get a head start on the other competitors. * To find out how good we were at speed we completed a 50 meter sprint test. This was just how it sounds. A straight 50 meters that we had to run as fast as we could. This was timed by another person. Speed is a very big part of swimming. Speed is required in swimming as without it you would loose the race. First Attempt! My Results Were As Followed: Name Of Activity Result Speed 11.00 seconds Co-Ordination ( ball catch) 28 in 30 seconds Strength 14 in one minute Agility 23.01 seconds Power 4 meters 87 centimetres Endurance Level 7 shuttle 7 By adding the score of what the blueprint website say is 100% this shows what my areas of weakness are and what I need improving on most. After looking at my results table in great detail and comparing it to the blue print I can point out very clearly my areas of strengths and weaknesses. I have strengths in the following areas: * I have a strong score in my power and don't think there is much room for any improvement. ...read more.


Although when looking at both sets of results I have slightly improved. It may not be shown to be much but I am still pleased that when not working on an area the other exercises I did take have lead to an improvement. I think this is a result of working on the cardiovascular machines a lot. I used the cardiovascular machines and these are good because as I have shown in my programme it can improve all areas. When I worked in the weight machines in my legs this has resulting in an improvement and this is good in swimming for when I am diving of the starting platform. Endurance is needed in swimming to keep the body going strong through out the race. When I completed the first set of results I realised that endurance did need some improving on. So in the fitness suite I pushed my body each time causing me to work longer and increasing the amount that my body could take. I worked mainly on the cardiovascular machines that were the treadmill and bike. I pushed my self each time this was to push my body to its limit. This has clearly worked as comparing the two set or results I have improved by quite an amount. On my first tests I got level 7 shuttle 7, on my second I got level 8 shuttle 4. This means I didn't just improve by one level. I also increased on my shuttle amount. I am pleased my results in this component of fitness. Overall I am pleased with my improvements. I have improved in all areas even those I didn't specifically work on. This indicates that I have become a better person and my personal exercise programme that I have taken out and completed my self has been a success. Hopefully this will go on to me being a much stronger competitor in swimming and maybe I will continue to use this plan to improve my skills even more. By Matthew Bell ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew James Bell Personal Exercice Programme 1/13 P.E GCSE ...read more.

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