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PE Theory Coursework

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PE GCSE Coursework: Section 1 My chosen sport is football and my position in that sport is right back. I play this because i enjoy it as well as getting loads of of this sport, such as adrenaline, fun, something to do, fitness and health it brings socializing too. Skill has been defined as: The learned ability to bring about a predetermined results with maximum certainty, often with the minimal outlay of time or energy or both (Guthrie, 1956). A skill that i have learnt in football is a short pass. I did this by undergoing practise. I learnt the skill to improve my football. An open skill is a skill that can be affected by the environment so it may be affected by the crowd, weather or opponents. A skill can never be completely closed or open e.g. A free kick in football is a very open skill as the crowd, defenders and weather have a very big effect on you but on the other hand a snooker shot is nearly a closed skill because the environment has no effect and the crowd and opponents have little or no effect. ...read more.


* My strengths in football vary a lot which have many uses in my sport. My strengths in football are passing in the main 3 types of ways e.g. Long, short, and through. It is from these that I get my position being "right back" and its useful because I can pass the ball to my team-mates through any length of the field. * Another skill I have is that I can shoot from a corner confidently as well as having a quick and accurate shot. This is good because it gives my team an advantage when getting a corner kick. * One of my strengths is also speed and in football it is extremely useful because with some control, you are able to manoeuvre yourself around the pitch and stay one step ahead always. Weaknesses: * One of my weaknesses in football is my cardio vascular endurance which is a weakness because it means I tire out quicker meaning I am potentially able to do fewer things. * Another weakness of mine is accuracy when shooting at the goal. * A major weakness I have in football is my agility when controlling the ball which lets me down when im having to hold it from opponents. ...read more.


Exciting - I love running and I'll do it with friends so it will be fun. Recorded - I will record my improved results. Cardio vascular Endurance: Specific - I want to increase my cardio vascular endurance to me be able to last the whole 90 minutes of a football match Measurable - I will use continuous training and will measure how long I can run until I tire out. Accepted - My coach has accepted this as a suitable target. Realistic - I can last for 60 minutes + so its just about improving. Time - Im hoping to achieve this by the end of my exercise programme. Exciting - When you see your opponents tire out it gives you morale, especially if you are still not tired. Recorded - I will record my results and improve continuously until I reach a suitable target. Day Week 1-2 Week 3-4 Week 5-6 Monday Continuous Moderate 25 minutes Continuous Moderate to hard 35 minutes Continuous Hard 45 minutes Tuesday Rest Rest Rest Wednesday Fartlek Moderate 25 minutes Fartlek Moderate to hard 35 minutes Fartlek Hard 45 minutes Thursday Rest Rest Rest Friday Circuit Moderate 25 minutes Circuit Moderate to hard 35 minutes Circuit Hard 45 minutes Saturday Rest Rest Rest Sunday Rest Rest Rest ?? ?? ?? ?? George Perez Trunin ...read more.

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