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PE training plan

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Daniel Woodbridge P.E. Coursework Hockey Reigate Grammar School Centre number: 64225 CONTENTS PURPOSE AND AIMS OF MY PROGRAMME 3 AIM 4 PRE-TEST INFORMATION 4 SAFETY ASPECTS 5 ROLE OF WARM UP AND WARM DOWN 5 PERSONAL AND EQUIPMENT SAFETY ISSUES 6 SAFE PLANNING OR ORDER AND TYPES OF ACTIVITIES UNDERTAKEN 6 Purpose and Aims of my Programme Personal profile Name: Daniel Woodbridge Age: 15 Date of birth: 29/11/90 Height: 179cm Weight: 68kg Waist: 33" Chest: 35" My fitness levels at present are fairly low as I was relaxing on my summer holidays. I cycle 3 or more miles at least once a week, I play 2 sessions of hockey a week. I spend on average 4 hours a week on a treadmill running at a steady pace. Aim Justification of why I have chosen this aim To improve my agility The reason I have chosen this aim is so I can be quicker with faster swifter movements. ...read more.


reach test flexibility -17.8cm -17.6cm -17.7cm Safety Aspects Role of warm up and warm down The warm up plays a vital role in sport safety. It prepares you mentally and physically. Physically it warms up your muscles to get the respiring more this, in turn, makes it less likely to obtain any injury from over stretching a warm up also should include a pulse raiser e.g. running 400 metres. It also prepares you mentally; it puts you in a "fighting" mood. This will also help, as it will build up some confidence in your team and your general state of mind. For hockey you would do more stretches than anything else as in hockey you do have to stretch to either tackle or to control a wide pass. The warm down more important than the. The warm down is a chance for your body to cool down and pay off the oxygen debt that may have built up during the game/exercise it will also help prevent Venus blood pooling. ...read more.


check the sticks so avoid splintering, and even check the ball to make sure there are no dents or chips in it as these could cause the ball to jump up. Safe planning or order and types of activities undertaken I have chosen my activities and now I have to think of a safe order to do them in as I don not want to put continus strain on one set of muscles or one part of my body. My activities in the order I am going to do them are as follows. * Ladder runs agility * Sit-ups general fitness * Burpees explosive strength * Shuttle runs agility * Press-ups general fitness * Quick sprint explosive strength * Zig-zag run agility * Star jumps explosive strength Flexibility is not going to be in my curcuit as there are not many excercises that I can do so I will do a longer warm up as part of my flexibility aim. ...read more.

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