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PE worksheet with answers - you need to choose a sport and link each of the components of physical fitness and skill-related fitness to it.

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Unit 1 - Fitness Testing and Training Assignment One - Fitness Testing and Training for Sporting Excellence By completing this booklet, you will be completing Assignment One. Components of Fitness A E R O B I C E N D U R A N C E A B B H J O P J G D C D G H J K L P O V C A C B P R D X F G K I L B I M V S A W R L K P K B O D Y C O M P O S I T I O N N A C S D A E R T H U I P O L C S H N P G N C S P L H F S W N O I T A N I D R O O C C U L H F D S Q W E R T Y U I P I K J E C D X E Y R E A C T I O N T I M E K I O L G C G Y U I H F D G V G J I O L P L G ...read more.


Muscular Endurance A basketball player's ability to perform repeated movements without getting tired is a very good replication of their muscular endurance. This would improve the basketball player's ability to repeat sprints up and down the court in a game. It will also improve the basketball player's ability to jump several times in succession with minimum loss of power. Aerobic Endurance You will need this so the basketball player could last throughout the game. A player has to have a strong lungs and heart so it could cope with activity over a long period of time. Power A basketball player would need the power so he/she could put all his effort into the basketball game. This would help the basketball player to stay strong and use all of his power to give everything he has in the game. Task Two - For each of the components of SKILL-RELATED FITNESS, describe (P1) and explain (M1) why this component is important for achieving EXCELLENCE. Component of SKILL-RELATED FITNESS Describe (P1) Explain (M1) Agility The speed of the basketball player's matter the most as it is needed in every game to keep possession of the basketball. ...read more.


Circuit training is a series of exercises completed one after another. It is a very good way of developing general fitness. Internal Training This training allows you to rest after you have done your best. In basketball you would also get rests where they give all the players a break for a little while. Internal training involves periods of work followed by periods of rest. For example, 20 metres and walk back to start. Fartlek Training This training works on both aerobic and anaerobic fitness due to the varying intensities. This training does not fit into basketball as you don't do anything combined into basketball. Fartlek training is a combination of running, cycling speeds. For example 1 lap at 50% max, 1 lap walking and 1 lap at 80%. Continuous Training This training is to maintain a steady heart rate. Dong this training will help in a game of basketball because you have to keep running throughout the game. Continuous training involves a steady but regular pace. For example jogging, it is important to maintain heart rate in the training threshold (60-80% of MAX) Activities such as running, walking, swimming, rowing or cycling. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ghazala Ahmed 1 ...read more.

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