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PEP for badminton

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Personal Details Name - Barbra Age -16 Gender - male Height -1.61 m Weight -52 kg Health Problems or injuries -none Activities undertaken - Badminton. Currently I play at lunch time in school and local club, the Audley sports centre Facilities available - gymnasium & equipment Fitness Test Results (15 December 2005) Fitness Test Result Rhythm skips Press ups Step ups Pull ups Rest Tricep dips Shuttle runs Sit and reach Fitness Requirements for Badminton The game of badminton requires many different aspects of fitness which I will outline below. Aerobic Endurance-a good level of cardio-vascular fitness is needed because of the continuous nature of the game. Speed -needed to move into position quickly both in attack and defence Strength -leg power is probably more important than upper body strength although this is required for shooting. Explosive leg power is needed for rebounding, jump shots and jump-ball situations. Muscular endurance is also needed because of the repetitive nature of the game. Flexibility - needed for all aspects of the game to reduce the risk of injury and to allow movement to the ball in a variety of situations. ...read more.


If possible pair up with someone else to help with passive stretching exercises. In order to overload myself, I think the work time should be increased by 5 seconds per station and as I found the time between circuits quite easy, I will carryout a slow jog recovery instead of walking. The exercises at each station should remain the same. Personal Exercise Plan Training Session No. ...2... Type of Training ......Circuits............... Date ................. Session Outline (including intensities & recovery) * 3 circuits of 10 stations * 25 seconds work per station with 30 seconds recovery between stations * 60 seconds slow jogging recovery between each circuit #1 Press ups #2 Bench jumps #3 Scrunch sit-ups #4 Leg Changes #5 Triceps dips off the bench #6 Squat jumps #7 Sit-ups #8 Modified pull-ups off the beam #9 Step-ups #10 Shuttle runs Evaluation of session The warm-up was good and I felt the passive stretching really helped. I coped well with the increase in work time and was pleased with the level of intensity I sustained. But I did lose my concentration on a few exercises during the last circuit and didn't complete a full range of movement on some of the upper body exercises. ...read more.


The exercises were followed safely and the quick safety check of equipment was carried out each session. The retest results how I have improved in all areas of fitness. I was particularly pleased with the vertical jump and flexibility results. These improvements have allowed me to be more effective in the matches I am playing and I am starting to make fewer mistakes in my games and my reactions have also improved. I also seem to be more effective under the basket when rebounding. However I still feel I need to develop my upper body strength. I found the evaluation of each session useful and will continue to do this in the future, not only for training but matches to make my goal setting more effective. The PEP helped my levels of motivation as I wanted to constantly strive for improvement as well as my levels of concentration. Because I was getting tired I found I had to focus on the technique and I have started to transfer this to the game situation which has helped my skill performance. I will continue to incorporate circuit training into my overall programme and aim to gradually increase the work intensity, after reducing the recovery time between the circuits. ?? ?? ?? ?? Barbra khan ...read more.

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