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PEP My chosen sport is football and I want to improve on my cardio vascular endurance and also on my strength of my leg as I would like to be more able to shoot harder in matches

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Im am doing this PEP (Personal Exercise Program) as part of my GCSE in Harrow High School. In the PEP we have to train for 6 weeks trying to improve our fitness levels by doing Push ups, Ladders, shuttle run etc... by doing this hopefully I would improve and beat my previously made score which I made before the Circuit training began. We have 2 periods of training one of which we go to Gym where I will a continuous machine for 20mins such as Treadmill and then work on my Muscular Strength/Endurance and so on by using my chosen 4 machines. After each week I will evaluate what I have done and say how I feel good/bad about the weeks training and record the results also hopefully this will help me to improve by the end of the 6 weeks training. My chosen sport is football and I want to improve on my cardio vascular endurance and also on my strength of my leg as I would like to be more able to shoot harder in matches and play for the whole 90mins which I can as I play for a football team but I would like to be fitter and play better in the whole 90mins. I think that I am an Ectomorph but would like to be a Mesomorph. Endomorph: Ectomorph: Mesomorph: Out of these 3 I think that I am a Ectomorph I would like to be a Mesomorph as it will mean I would be a stronger and better player in football and that I could be a better player overall if all my body was strong but in order to do this I would have to become a slightly near an Endomorph and then when I train in the gym the muscles would show. I have only these 18 lessons to complete my challenge of becoming nearer to a Mesomorph and a much fitter person. ...read more.


(I am left footed) Conclusion: By applying these training methods we will have a specific training session ready for our needs. If we apply these then we will surely become fitter as all our needs such as timing and progression are all here and as we go on training will become harder using these training methods but overall compared to other methods such as adding an extreme amount of pressure at one time which can cause injury throughout all training sessions until your body adapts. It will be easier as we add on a little bit of pressure at a certain amount of time (progression/timing). Theory of Health and Skill related Training: Health Related Fitness: Muscular Strength: Greatest amount of force an athlete can exert at one time. Can be weight training, push ups, pull ups, exercises that build your muscle power up. Is normally measured by the amount of weight the muscles can lift at once, or applying a force against a resistance. When playing football you would need to be strong to challenge the ball and have hard shots because if you are weak for example Walcott who is one of the fastest footballers in the Premiership is fast but is out muscled some of the time so you should be strong and fast in football. Muscular Endurance: The ability to perform many repetitions against a given resistance for a given amount of time. This can be jogging push ups pull ups etc... Anything that can build the amount of reps you can do or how long it takes for your body to get tired while exercising. We need muscular endurance to be able to play the full 90 minutes at an average pace without getting tired or weak in the middle of the game. CardioVascular Endurance: Ability to increase cardiac output, increase stroke volume, and reduce heart rate at resting pulse and during exercise using 60 80% of maximal heart rate. This is how long your body can last in e.g. ...read more.


I first of all used the bicycle for 5mins then went onto the shoulder press where I did 3 sets of 10reps of 25Kg etc... (See graph for others) I didn't feel tired so I think I made my body work hard today and that I should do the same for every week of training so that by the end of the pep some improvement is made to my muscles. I think next week I should either improve the amount of reps I do or improve on the amount of weights I use, for example for shoulder press I should go up to 30 or stay at 25 and do 15 reps instead of 12. I improved in circuit training but now I am wanting to improve in Gym as well so I feel as though I have made an accomplishment. Week 5 This was the last week of the pep and everybody gad to try harder and to push themselves in order to get good finishing results. I think today was good in certain circumstances as I improved in most of my stations even though last week was the best week I had throughout the 5 weeks of pep. I think that I may have achieved my target of having a good recovery rate as the range of the recovery was at its highest in this week. As you can see above I had a very high heart rate of 160 beats per minute which came down to 112 (there was a 48 beat difference in just one minute) I think that this pep has made me a fitter person by at least 15% as we only trained every Thursday but it was still a good experience for me as I can adapt to some of the training methods even at home. We do not have enough time for the 6th week of our personal exercise programme as our half term took up that space. Week 5 Gym I did not accomplish my target to do better in gym! As it was the last week of our pep gym was cancelled. ...read more.

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