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PEP - netball

Extracts from this document...


Name: Geraldine Scott Form: NKM Teacher: Miss Taylor Sport: Netball GCSE Physical Education Personal Exercise Programme By the end of this Fitness module you will be able to: * Plan, perform and evaluate a six week personal exercise programme (PEP) improve specific components of fitness in a sport of your choice * Link your PEP to your analysis of performance assessment * Perform at least two of the following types of training; Circuit training, Resistance training, Exercise to music, Continuous training * Explain the safety procedures concerned with each of the types of training used * Refer to a variety of fitness tests for specific areas of fitness * Monitor and record performance in the PEP * Explain how physical preparation, training and specific areas of fitness can affect performance in your chosen sport Personal Fitness Profile Name: Geraldine Scott Date of Birth: 14th September 1992 Height: 5"7 Weight: 9st. 10. Sport: Netball Position: Goalkeeper Sportography (In this section you should detail the standard you play your main sport at; it could be for your house or school team or county/national level. The amount of training and matches you participate in and any other sports you regularly take part in) Personal Fitness Profile When undertaking a Personal Exercise programme you must first assess the level of fitness that you already have. This will enable you to: * Focus your PEP to your own individual needs * Set realistic targets for improvement during your PEP * Evaluate your PEP to see if it has had an effect on your level of performance in your chosen sport. Fitness Tests Test Name How the test is performed Component of Fitness being tested Your Score Your Rating Cooper Test (12 minute Run) Measure the distance run in 12 minutes CV Fitness Multi stage fitness test Use a 'bleep test' CD to measure your ability to run between two lines 20m apart at increasing speeds CV Fitness Harvard Step test Step ups for 5 mins then monitor recovery ...read more.


Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) = 220 - age Lower end of target zone = MHR x 60% Tope end of target zone = MHR x 80% In the space below work out your target zone. 220 - 16 = 204mhr 204 x 60% = 122bpm 204 x 80% = 163bpm My target zone is: 122 - 163 b.p.m. Use the graph below to show you personal Target Zone and Training Threshold for aerobic (cardiovascular fitness) and anaerobic fitness. Personal Exercise Programme Weekly Schedule and Review Sheet Example Day/Date Type of Activity Session details Target HR or RPE Actual HR or RPE Evaluation Monday PE Lesson GCSE Fitness Netball Training Continuous training Aerobic warm up and stretches 20 minutes Fartlek run followed by 12 min cooper run 1 Hour session Aerobic warm up and stretches Games - Tactical coaching 135bpm for 12 mins 7 145bpm for 12 mins 6 I worked at 145bpm, which is approx 70% of MHR. I found this session relatively easy and recovered to my resting heart rate in about 3 minutes. I will have to up the intensity next session I found this session easy as there were long pauses for tactical coaching, games were fun. Not much impact on CV fitness due to low intensity Tuesday Aerobics 1 hour aerobics session at OASIS leisure centre 10 mins aerobic warm up with 10 mins stretching with a partner Set aerobics routine for 30 mins 10 mins cool down 7 7 The partner stretching was really good and I will definitely try this in other sessions. I was able to increase intensity this week as I have learnt the routine! This also meant that I enjoyed this session more Wednesday PE Lesson - Rounders 10 mins warm up - shuttles, tag and stretches 15 mins skills practices - batting and running between posts Game 7 6 Although the session was quite active I am not sure how much effect this had on my CV fitness Skill practices were good and my ...read more.


4 x 15min quarters 9 10 I put everything into this match because I didn't want to let the team down. Sat/Sun Sat - work Sun - rest day 8 hours on my feet waitressing 4 3 Work was quiet today Weekly Evaluation: Please comment on appropriateness of targets set, HR or RPE, your progress and changes for next week Final Evaluation of your PEP In this section you should outline how your PEP has improved your performance in your chosen sport. You should include any evidence of improvements such as the scores in any re-taken fitness test or any improved performances in competitions or matches. Use the following questions to help you: Which training sessions were most beneficial to you? Why? Which training sessions would you improve? How? Why? Are there any other methods of training you could use to improve the areas of fitness you have chosen? What principles did you use? Why? Have you achieved you aim? Explain. What does your pulse rate indicate? How did it change throughout the PEP? Why? Why is the target zone important? Did you work within in it? Did you prepare properly for each training session? Warm up - did you do one? Was it beneficial? Why? Did you recover from each training session properly? Cool down - did you do one? Was it beneficial? Why? You can use different graphs, e.g. a bar graph, to show the changes that have occurred during and as a result of your PEP. Final PEP Evaluation Final Assessment Record Record your assessments here Fitness Type Initial Grade Final Grade Circuit Training 5 6 Continuous Training Exercise to Music 5 6 Resistance Training The two areas I am offering are Activity 1 Exercise to Music Grade 6 Activity 2 Circuit Training Grade 6 My Final Overall Fitness Grade is This Programme is my own work and was completed as documented Signed Pupil ___________________ Teacher_______________ ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Physical Education Personal Exercise Programme A Specialist Sports College Cliff Park High School 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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