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PEP. The sport I have chosen to base my PEP on is hockey.

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PEP During my PEP I aim to improve my acceleration, for example a thirty meter sprint and I aim to improve my muscular strength and muscular endurance by using the FITT principle. The FITT principle will allow me to use progressive overload safely and it will make it achievable. The sport I have chosen to base my PEP on is hockey. I play hockey for Broxbourne hockey club, Hertfordshire county and I took part in tier 1. Strengths: 1. Footwork 2. Tackling 3. Flexibility 4. Coordination 5. Pushing Weaknesses: 1. Speed 2. Muscular Strength 3. Hitting 4. Balance 5. Ariel Warm Ups: 1. ...read more.


Repeat this twice and rest for 60 seconds between each. (4) c) Clock lunge- 2 reps(one rep is 10 lunges), press ups- 10reps, lower body rotation- 10 reps alternating sides on each rep, prisoner squat- 10 reps, squat thrust-30 seconds, glute bridge with leg raise- 10 reps alternating. Repeat this 3 times and have a 60 second rest period between each. (5) 2. Sprint Training a) 30 meters of parachute run- repeat six times, 30 meters sprint- repeat six times, Rest period- 1 minute- work to rest ratio= 2:1 30 meters of viper run- do with a partner and repeat six times 30 meters sprint- repeat six times, Rest for 1 and a half minutes- work to rest ratio= 2:1.5 standing jump- 15 reps. ...read more.


Do different movements up the ladder like; two feet in each, one foot in each, two feet in one two the side and then repeat the last one slower and hold the one foot outside to improve and test balance. Cool Downs: 1. Start at a fast speed and slow down to a walk- for 3 minutes, static stretches starting from neck and upper body, gentle jog to shake off the stretches. 2. Start at a fast speed and slow down to a walk- for 3 minutes, dynamic stretches across 10 meters and after each stretch jog back to the starting point, followed by a gentle jog to shake off the stretches. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lewis Green ...read more.

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