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Personal Excercise Programme (PEP)

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P.E.P. Introduction My aim for the next six weeks is to improve my general fitness. I will aim to complete one session within 10 minutes and by the end of the six weeks, I hope to have increased my fitness and be able to see a good result from the data. To achieve this I will be doing circuit training to build up my muscles and to work on my cardiovascular fitness using the FITT and SPORT principles. I will have to complete the circuit three times, without resting, which will count as one session. I will do one session every week, and record my results in a table. I will need to record the time I complete each session in, and also my Resting Pulse before I begin the session and my Pulse every 2 minutes after each session to record the Recovery Rate. The stations in my circuit will be; shuttle runs, sit-ups, step-ups, press-ups, skipping, and burpees, in that order. Fitness Tests Before the circuit training, 5 fitness tests were carried out. These were the NCF Abdominal Curl Conditioning Test, the NCF Multistage Fitness Test, the Cooper 12 Minute Run, the Harvard Step Test, and the Illinois Agility Run. The NCF Abdominal Curl Conditioning Test is to monitor the tone and condition of you abdominal muscles. It is carried out instructions on a tape where the athlete is to perform as many sit-ups as possible in time to the beeps for as long as possible. ...read more.


The TYPE relates to specificity and it is important to make sure that when I am training, it meets the needs of what I am specifically training for. Evaluation Results Assessment 15/03/06 This was my first training session and my resting heart rate was 66, which slower than usual for me. I started with the shuttle runs so that I could warm up my legs and then I tried to go in the order that I had planned but it was quite difficult as there were sometimes too many people at one station. So instead I went to a station that gave the muscles I had just worked on a rest, like after step-ups I went to sit ups instead of press-ups. Near the end I was getting really tired and my asthma started to kick in but I managed to hold up okay. I finished at 7 minutes, 18 seconds and my working rate was 132. My recovery heart rates were; 2mins: 120, 4mins: 116, 6mins: 92, 8mins: 70. Time (minutes) Heart Rate 0 132 2 120 4 116 6 92 8 70 22/03/06 My resting pulse was 80, which is normal. I wanted to improve my time from last week and changed the start station from shuttle runs to skipping which also acted as a warm up. This time I didn't really worry about the order I had planned but I went to the stations that gave my muscles a rest from the station I had just been on. ...read more.


I have improved my Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility, and agility so I have achieved my goals to improve these components of my general fitness. I used all the FITT principles and the principles of training to plan my training and my aims so I included everything we have learnt, which was useful and beneficial to my PEP. Also, it was a really good feeling when I found the fitness tests after the training much easier and feeling that my hard work had paid off, I could feel the difference that the last 6 weeks had made on my body. Conclusion I really enjoyed doing my PEP and I would do it again as it had a positive effect on my body, both physically and mentally. If I did it again, I wouldn't change much, except make sure I had a good order of stations in my circuit and also have more determination in the endurance test and the Bleep test to keep going, because I think I probably could have got a bit further. My circuit could be easily adapted to someone else as all the circuit stations are just for general fitness so for someone else, they would simply change the exercises and maybe the number of times each one is carried out, for there own individual needs as the training needs to be specific. Kiran Caffery 10VC ...read more.

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