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Personal Exercise Plan.

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Personal Exercise Plan I have identified that whilst I am playing football there is a weakness of fatigue and lack of stamina particularly after 20 minutes of running. The focus of this program therefore is to improve endurance/stamina over 20 minutes of sprinting and also the sprinting distances run over 150 meters. An initial assessment will be made of endurance in a number of selected muscle groups by carrying out a maximum repletion, e.g. in the quadriceps, gastrocnemius and hamstring muscle's. These tests will be repeated every two weeks and the results recorded. The programme will require me to train three times per week for approximately one hour's duration per session or sometimes less and at moderate intensity and then the intensity would by gradually increased. The training programme will be for a period of 8weeks. Facilities that would be in use will be access to a weights room with suitable weight stations and I will also need suitable supervision if necessary. To log my training through the weeks I would be recording the session using a training diary. Exercise and training programmes are about preparing the body so it is able to tolerate the changes that occur during the stimulus or stress of exercise. ...read more.


* Target training zones: target training zones were first presented by the Finnish phyiologist Karavonen's principle of working at a given percentage of maximum heart rate in relation to an individual's age. The basic formula for calculating maximum heart rate is: max heart rate = 220 - age Heart rate Intensity 30 - 49% Light intensisty 50 - 60% Moderate intensity 70 - 84% Hard intensity >85% High intensity The heart rate calculated using this formula is then used to estimate the heart percentage training load for the indiviual. Methods of training A combinations of training methods has an effect on a range of body systems,but specific training methods should be adopted to focus on the main component of fitness to be conditioned. Interval training: In interval training, the exercise period is punctuated by a period of rest. Circuit training and stage circuits are both frequently used forms of interval training. interval training is based on the idea that the variables of trainig are manipulated to provide stimuls for a new range of body systems and energy systems to be stressted out ('stress' here is the physiological term meaning overload or a body or energy system.) ...read more.


A warm should make the body ready for exercise and the warm up should consist of three component activities: * Flexibility activity: to warmup, loosen and relax muscles by increasing blood flow. * Gross motor activity:this would involve all the major muscle groups and acts as a pulse. There should be also some gentle mobilisation of the joints in order to loosen and lubricate them by the secretion of synovial fluid at the joint. * Activity specific stretches: these should link to the demands of the activity. Cool down The following cooldowns would be used in my personal exrecise programme: NCF Multistage Fitness Testing Before the personal exercise plan: NCF level: 8.4 VO2max: 41.1 Body Weight: 11stones 13 lbs Pulse rate: 76bpm After the personal exercise plan: NCF level: 13.1 VO2max:52.4 Body Weight: 11stones 2 lbs Pulse rate: 62 bpm NCF Multistage Fitness Test results: Week Weight Pulse Rate Week 1 11 stones 13 lbs 76 bpm Week 2 11 stones 13 lbs 75 bpm Week 3 11 stones 10 lbs 72 bpm Week 4 11 stones 9 lbs 68 bpm Week 5 11 stones 7 lbs 66 bpm Week 6 11 stones 5 lbs 66 bpm Week 7 11 stones 4 lbs 64 bpm Week 8 11 stones 2 lbs 62 bpm Mohamed Abdillahi Personal Exercise Plan 1 ...read more.

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