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Personal Exercise Plan

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Personal Exercise Plan Personal Profile: Sport I am focussing on: ==> Cricket Preferred position: ==> All-rounder Injury History: ==> I have not had any severe injuries throughout my life but only some minor injuries. I broke my leg a few years ago which required me to take six weeks to rehabilitate from the injury and regain my strength. After the six weeks I was ready to play sport again so it meant that I did not take much time off so it was only a minor injury. Fitness Training: Fitness Training 1: Multistage Fitness Test: * This test measures the maximum amount of oxygen that can be taken in by the lungs to exercise the body for a long period of time. * This aspect is quite relevant in my activity because to be able to field for a long period of time or to be able to bat for a long period of time at a low intensity requires me to have a good cardiovascular system. Raw Score: 5.2 * Compared to the other people in my class on average this was pretty low, meaning that I do not have a very good cardiovascular system compared to the rest of the people my own age. It also suggests that this aspect needs to be trained in the six-week exercise plan. Fitness Training 2: Abdominal Curl Test: * This test measures the ability of my abdominal muscles to work for a long period of time without getting tired, i.e without producing lactic acid. * It is relevant in my activity because I have to be able to use abdominal muscles either when batting or when fielding throughout them match. Raw Score: 24 Units of measurement: sit-ups per minute * Compared to the rest of the class this was around the average value meaning that my abdominal muscles were quite good at working hard for a long period of time without getting tired. ...read more.


If my cardiovascular endurance has improved at that stage I should feel much less tired. Action Plan: Clear, Realistic, Achievable Goal To improve my muscular endurance so that I can use my muscles many times in a match without getting tired. To improve my muscular endurance so that I can exercise my entire body for a long period of time in a match. Timescale Six weeks Six weeks Method of Achieving Goal I will be doing continuous exercises each week like running 1 mile to start off with. I will then increase this in the next week using overload to try and improve my cardiovascular endurance I will be doing low weights with lots of repetitions. Using the principle of overload I will increase the number of repetitions for the next week to try and improve my muscular endurance. Record of Implementation of Action Plan I will record how many miles I have run (distance) and how quickly I have done (time) it each week. Each week the distance will increase and I will record the time I get for it each session. There will be columns for week, distance and time. I will record the weights that I lift (Kg), the number of repetitions and sets and the time that I complete each session in. Each week I will increase the number of repetitions that I do (overload) and then record the time that I complete the new session in. There will be columns for size of weights, number of repetitions and time the session is completed in. Method of Evaluating Plan I will aim to run the full distance that is set for the session. I will use the times that I get for each session and at the end of the week I will evaluate it by seeing if my time has improved through the week. The next week will have a longer distance and at the end of the week I will see whether my time has improved which means that my cardiovascular endurance will be improving. ...read more.


* As well as following the previous principles of training mentioned I also included tedium this time. This is because I thought that it would be very important as by the end of the six weeks I would be very bored by constantly doing the same schedule so for the final day I included a match of cricket. * This match would also give me another advantage as I would be able to test out my improved fitness factors in a real match situation, and I will be able to see if I have improved as an all-rounder in cricket. Review of the Whole Programme: * It was very important to identify my strengths and weaknesses because this helped along with the graph to decide which two are the most important physical factors I must train in order to improve as an all-rounder. * I then chose the two factors I needed to improve and made an action plan based on how I would improve this. * Following the training programme was very hard as I had not followed a training programme like this before so I had to motivate myself to carry on with the programme every day. The lack of variety did not help my motivation as by the end of the six weeks I had almost learned what I was going to every day as it always followed the same order but with different distances and different number of repetitions. I could have improved this by including another session based on improving these two factors that would change every week. This would have helped to make my training programme and so it would have been much easier for me to motivate myself to carry out the training programme. * My method of evaluation was quite good as I had used lots of different methods to try and see if these factors had improved. By using more methods I made sure that the evaluation was more reliable and more likely to be correct. ...read more.

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