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Personal exercise plan.

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Personal Exercise Plan Name = Danny Mitchell Sport = Kickboxing Age = 17 Gender = Male Height = 6' 2" Weight = 70kg The sport which I have chosen is Kickboxing, so I will use my Personal Exercise Plan to improve the fitness components required in Kickboxing. The main fitness components in Kickboxing are: * stamina (cardio vascular endurance) * flexibility (in the legs) * muscular endurance (arms, legs and abs) * explosive power (legs and arms) * strength (general) * speed (legs and arms) * agility (change bodies direction quickly) So I will try to create a plan which will specifically improve these areas. My Fitness Test Results Running bleep Agility run Sit & reach Hand grip L Hand grip R Sit-up bleep 30m sprint Vertical jump 10.3 19.19 25 48 46 5.1 4.05 40 Compared to other people's results in my class I can see the following: Running bleep - good Agility run - average Sit & reach - average Hand grip (both) - good Sit-up bleep - very good 30m sprint - average Vertical jump - good Compared to the National Standards I can see the following: Running bleep - average Agility run - average Sit & reach - good Hand grip (both) - good Sit-up bleep - very good 30m sprint - average Vertical jump - average Some of the above fitness tests do not really apply to my sport, or the actual component applies but the area which is tested does not. ...read more.


* Related skill - shadow boxing (start of slow and move to more intense) How will I test for improvement in these areas: Stamina - Running bleep test Power - Vertical jump Flexibility - Sit and reach Test Validity: Running bleep test = surface may affect the running and turning Vertical jump = not using the right technique may result in the incorrect measurement Sit and Reach = mat not be fully warmed up The Method I Will Use: Circuit Training As kickboxing consists of many different fitness requirements I have decided to use circuit training to develop my current levels of fitness. Circuit training improves not only fitness requirements such as leg and arm strength but also specific sports skills, which are included within the training. Circuit training can easily be adapted to specific sports the exercises included will not only improve your fitness levels but at the same time improve your skills. After looking at the specific fitness requirements I need to improve, and the ways, in which I can do it, I can now start to plan my sessions. I will carry out weight sessions on Monday as well as Kickboxing class and Wednesdays will be the same. Circuit training will be on Fridays, plus specific Kickboxing training on Thursday nights. This will be carried out for length of six weeks. ...read more.


step ups 20. shuttle runs Week 3 20 seconds per station with 15 seconds rest 50 secs rest between each circuit 21. Press ups 22. bench jumps 23. crunches 24. floor running 25. tricep dips 26. squat jumps 27. sit ups 28. pull ups (full pull ups) 29. step ups 30. shuttle runs Week 4 25 seconds per station with 15 seconds rest 50 secs rest between each circuit 31. Press ups 32. bench jumps 33. crunches 34. floor running 35. tricep dips 36. squat jumps 37. sit ups 38. pull ups 39. step ups 40. shuttle runs Week 5 30 seconds per station with 15 seconds rest 50 secs rest between each circuit 41. Incline Press ups 42. bench jumps 43. crunches 44. floor running 45. tricep dips 46. squat jumps 47. sit ups 48. pull ups 49. step ups 50. shuttle runs Week 6 30 seconds per station with 15 seconds rest 45 secs rest between each circuit 51. Inclined Press ups 52. bench jumps 53. crunches 54. floor running 55. tricep dips (hands close legs fully out) 56. squat jumps 57. V-sits (jackknifes) 58. pull ups 59. step ups 60. shuttle runs Weight Training Program Firstly I must establish how much is the maximum weight that I can lift in the bench press. Then I will take 70% of this max and I will do 1 set of 10 reps. (idea from heavy duty) Danny Mitchell MJT2 1 ...read more.

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