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Personal exercise plan

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Personal Exercise Plan Profile -My name is Luke Cuthbert, I am 16 years old, and I am studying GCSE P.E at Sawyers Hall College. I suffer from slight back problems due to a car accident that can hinder exercise at times. -Each week I participate in a two hour karate class and as I have been a black belt for nearly six years, so training is to a very high intensity and standard. Also I train once a week with my football team, Ferns Juniors for an hour and a half and we play a match on a Sunday for eighty minutes. Further more I participate in two to three practical P.E lessons a week doing a number of activities for an hour per session. -Firstly for football my expertise is my technical ability, muscular speed and muscular endurance. However my muscular strength is not that great as I sometimes get pushed off the ball. Also my muscular strength and upper body flexibility is not that good so it reduces my capability to produce a solid long throw. I have good lower body flexibility due to years of karate training however my upper body flexibility is not that good, so that is what I would like to work on during my personal exercise plan. ...read more.


Each week I would try and increase the sprinting and jogging time but keeping the walking times the same. So I would be doing progression training over the 6 week period. This fartlek training would probably be for about 5 to 10 minutes and I would also hope to increase the overall time of this exercise session. Finally to reach my last target, of improving my kicking in my right leg for my karate. The training method I will use for this will be weight training and resistance training. The weight training will be once a week and will be lower body, I will do 2 sets of 15 for each exercise as there is quite a few. I will also do these on my weights machine. Secondly the resistance training I will do at one of my karate classes for 45-60 minutes. The resistance training for this will be once a week. Further note- The warm up I will do for all of my activities is a dynamic flex warm up, which is used by many top premiership teams including arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd. Also it is used by the England Rugby team. It was pioneered by the SAQ Company, who also manufacture the viper resistance bands, it is a progressive warm up that starts with small mobilising exercises then gradually they increase in intensity, and then some dynamic stretching because it has been proven that static stretching is not good before sport. ...read more.


However I did do stretching and mobility work and abdominal work. This was all fairly easy. I did a high intensity karate session with resistance work, particularly focusing on sprinting and I also did some cardio vascular fitness to help with my football. This session was an hour and three quarters. I had football training, it was a very hard session and we trained for an hour and a half. I practised 20 throw ins after and Terry a boy who has already mastered the ability of a long throw gave me a few tips on my technique, I couldn't tell if they were going further as I went along, but at the end of it my arms were starting to hurt. N/A Rest N/A. X Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Rest day unless otherwise stated Sunday Morning until 12:00p.m I had a P.E lesson, I did a lot of skipping, and lower body weight training. Afternoon until 4:00p.m I had football training after school. We did a lot of sprints and cardio vascular work Early evening training I did not have any time to do training as I had after school football and there was traffic. Late evening training I had a fairly high intensity karate session. I did a lot of slow technical work, and this subsequently helped my muscle tone and mass. As it was the equivalent of light weight training. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Cuthbert P.E ...read more.

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