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personal exercise plan

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Introduction- my personal exercise plan is going to be based on fitness. The reason why I chose fitness is because it's the sport that I feel contsains the most amount of sport that I enjoy and am at my best level at. I have certain aspects of my fitness level I could improve on such as my cardiovascular endurance and strength for my cariovalscular endurance would be my weakest aspect for when running my i start to become less towards the end of the game, which is 90 minutes. Usually footballers will be expected to be physically strong, mentally strong, fit and dedicated. In my pep I am focusing on two main aims, which will help me improve on my game. My aims: for my chosen sport I have made two main aims in which to improve on, these two main aims will be cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. The reason why I have chosen these two aims is because to be a good footballer you must maintain your level of performance and to be physically strong, I chose these because I believe it will improve my performance in a game situation. ...read more.


So this would be useful for basketball players and athletes. 3.Fartlek-Fartlek is a form of road running or cross-country running in which the runner, usually solo, varies the pace significantly during the run. This sort of training is good for any sport, which involves having a high level of cardiovascular fitness, such as football, rugby, tennis, middle to long distance running and basketball 4.Circuit-a combination of aerobic and weight training exercises arranged in a circuit or sequence, circuit training is a great way to improve the physical aspects of your sport such as strength, stamina and mobility. A circuit training session would contain about 6-10 different stations where you have to complete different exercise one after the other without a break. 5.Weights-Development of strength with the use of weight lifting and based on the overload principle, this type of training is common for rugby and football because they rely on their muscular strength in the sport they play. During my six-week plan I have chosen to focus on fartlek training, continuous training and circuit training. ...read more.


Bleep test score= 10.6 Cooper test= 24 laps This graph shows how fit an average person should be depending on their age. Principles Of Training The principles of training are broken down into twelve parts known as: S.P.O.R.R.I.S.M F.I.T.T, this is what they stand for: Specify- performing an exercise/activity related to your sport in order to improve. Progression- Start slowly and gradually increasing the amount of exercise you do. Overload- Training with enough intensity to improve your performance. Reversibility -Any changes that take place will be reversed when you stop training. Regularity- Training consistently, week on week. Individuality-Training to your requirements. Systematic- Training to set a plan Moderation- Getting in the right balance between training and rest Frequency- How many times a week you train. Intensity- How hard you train during exercise Type- What sort of training are you going to do Time-How long will you train for. During my pep I will need to include principles of training when doing my sport. Using these will allow me to improve on my sport easier as I would have set a routine. ?? ?? ?? ?? Louise Webb Personal Exercise Plan ...read more.

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