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Personal Exercise Plan - football.

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Personal Exercise Plan I am a keen footballer and compete competitively, on a regular bases for my local side. It is currently the off season, but with the new season commencing soon I have a lot of pre-season training to do to be in peek physical condition for this. I have 8 weeks until the start of the new season and am going to start a personal exercise plan (PEP) in order to prepare myself to be able to compete at a high standard. Introduction In the game of football there are multiple roles that can be taken up on the pitch; each role has different criteria which is necessary to enable the person to be successful. Certain fitness related skills are compulsory to compete competitively; for example CV for a midfielder, whereas in other roles these skills are not as important; for example CV fitness isn't important for goalkeepers. This example just shows how important it is for an athlete organizing a pep; especially in football, to analyze the skill components needed for there positions and focus the PEP on the improvement of these, as this will improve the overall performance. Also when organizing a PEP the participate must take into account the current skill level at each component, as this will show what is in most need for improvement. Both of these aspects should have had an influence in the aims of my PEP; as it show both what I need and what I need to improve, to obtain my optimum level of performance. I play as a striker when competing, and I am of the belief that there are three key features that are needed to be successful in the game and that most of the top players are at very high levels in. these are three of the component of skill; speed, strength and endurance ( both local muscular and cardio-vascular fitness). ...read more.


Also I will implement the FITT principle, I will train regularly (frequency) at high enough intensity (intensity) for long enough to have and effect ( time ) and I will make the training specific to what I'm try to achieve (type) Testing As previously stated in the last two weeks I aim test myself to observe if I have improved. I will test endurance and power, I will not test strength and speed individually as a strength for power will show if there was an improvement in both of these. I have already tested for both of theses as I had to have an original starting point to show any improvement. For endurance I chose to do a bleep test in which I scored a 9.5, this was not at an adequate level, and may have been down to the lack of training in the off session; an I wish to improve this drastically ready for the new season. I chose to do a sergeant jump in which I achieved 2.51 meters. Which is of a suitable standard but I which to improve to over 2.60 meters. I believe that the test results gained are very reliable because they are both valid in the fact that they tested endurance and power. Diet Due to the increase in physical training that I had partaken in I had to increase the calorie intake to ensure that I had a constant supply of energy to enable me to train to the level I wanted to and therefore get the desired results. For the increase in intake I tried to eat as much carbohydrates as possible eating paste etc for most of my main meals, this enable the best release of energy without using up fats. Which may have resulted in the loss of weigh which would not have been positive for my performance as it could have had an effect on my syomata-type. Being a mesomorph is the preferred body shape of a football, specifically a striker. ...read more.


One bad point that arose from the PEP was the way I conducted the test and the test that were conducted, they lacked some specificity to my aims and therefore effect the reliably of the conclusions draw as I should have split power into strength; 1 rep max test using leg machine, and for speed; 30 meter sprint, since these are more related to what I wanted to achieve and the sport that is being played. If I was to repeat the PEP I would have made a few changes which I believe would have made my improvement more substantial and further increased my performance. Firstly I would have had a stricker diet which would have enable me to train at a higher intensity, a balanced diet cutting out alcohol consumption and drinking more energy drinks as this enable you to train a little bit longer and the longer you train the greater the improvement. Also I may have developed on my periodisation further stating what I wanted to do every day giving me no excuses for missing training. Finally I would have complemented my training with supplements during my strength microcycle I could have take creatine this enable you to work at greater intensity so you get better results. Also during the whole mesocycle I would have taken liver tablets which increase the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin and therefore CV fitness. On reflection I believe the results that were gain from the test and the significant improvement there was shows that I have successfully achieve my aims s. I improved the weaker points of my game and the components that are most necessary in playing at a high standard. I stuck to my training program very well and I think the result are obvious to see and will be of great benefit to me in a game situation and improve my overall performance. ...read more.

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