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Personal Exercise Plan (P.E.P)

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G.C.S.E P.E Personal Exercise Plan (P.E.P) Myself: My name is James West. I am currently studying G.C.S.E P.E at Queensbury Upper School. I have been interested in sports since I started middle school and have been playing rugby since year 6. I joined Dunstablians Rugby club in year 9 and have playing there since. Although rugby is my main sport I enjoy playing many others such as football, tennis, basketball etc. My skill varies (dramatically in some cases) from sport to sport but is generally average. I also enjoy taking part in athletics, mainly relay, 200 metres and long jump. I usually do a set amount of repetitions of 10K weights and when I can I do press ups and sit ups. Types of Training For my P.E.P I need to concentrate on two types of training. The choice's I have are: Circuit Training Continuous Training Resistance Training Exercise to Music Circuit Training is where different stations are used to exercise different muscle groups. The stations are usually only worked on for a short time (20/30 seconds) and are set out so that you are never using the same muscle group too many times in close succession. A circuit can be organised to have your own personal stations. The stations can consist of anything that will test your fitness, skill etc; these can be press ups, sit ups, seeing how far you can through a weighted ball, seeing how high you can jump etc. Continuous Training is where an activity is done over an extended period of time without taking any rests. It helps improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance. This can be done through running long distances, cycling etc. Some exercises a best suited for cardiovascular endurance (like the ones stated above) where as others are better for muscular endurance such as many repetitions of light weights. Resistance Training is where weights are used to improve muscular endurance or strength. ...read more.


After doing so I will have a short rest period then do a sit up multi level fitness test. This is where you do sit ups to a recorded bleep which speeds up as the levels increase. After doing this I will do a warm down. This will be a slow walk then doing the standard stretches and a slow walk back. When at home every night I will do 15 repetitions of my 10kg weights. For this I will first stretch my arms then proceed to doing the repetitions. Once completed I will stretch my arms again. This exercise should not be performed alone so I will always have someone with me when executing it. I will also be doing 100 sit ups. Both of these exercises will progress over time. Technique: When performing my main activities I need to make sure I am using the right technique. When doing the long distance running I need to pace myself and remain at that pace for the duration of the run otherwise I will tire quickly. For the sit ups I need to keep my arms crossed across my chest and have a downward pressure on my feet, doing this every time will allow fair results to come through. For the weightlifting I have a poster that tells me the correct ways to lift the weights, this will help me use the proper technique and reduce the risk of injury. None of these tasks should be performed if I sustain an injury as it will only make it worse and prolong its effects. Equipment: For my main activities I am going to need several pieces of equipment. For the long distance run I don't particularly need anything but for the sit ups I need a stereo with tape playing capabilities and a tape of the multi level fitness test. I also need a mat to lye on to support my back. ...read more.


My recovery rate stayed pretty much the same through the training period. Evaluation Now that I have completed my 6 week training period I have looked back over my personal exercise plan and have found that, although it was hard work it could have been improved a great deal. Doing that many sit ups in a week put quite a strain on my abdominal region. It also got a bit tedious towards the end even though I was using music to keep interest going. Doing the weights every night was fine as it did not take very much time and would be something I usually do anyway. I really should have interspersed my weekly sit ups with some over type of training such as running or maybe cycling. I did notice an improvement towards the end of my personal exercise plan. Sit ups became easier to do and I found I was able to increase the number of sit ups on a regular basis. The same goes for my weight training as I was also able to do more reps and increase it on a regular basis. I think it would have been a good idea to base my personal exercise plan a lot more around my life. I think this because sometimes after doing a long session of rugby I didn't particularly feel like doing 100+ sit ups and had to find extra motivation in myself to make myself do this. Doing the sit up bleep test was a good way to measure improvement in myself. I made sure I didn't do it more than once a week as this would only cause heavy strain on my abdominal area and could possibly cause some kind of injury or serious fatigue. My physical appearance hasn't changed drastically but I think my body composition has increased in muscle and decreased in fat. I will carry on with my personal exercise plan but will take in to consideration the alterations mentioned above to create a more balanced exercise plan. ?? ?? ?? ?? James West 11LW G.C.S.E P.E Coursework ...read more.

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