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Personal Exercise Plan (PEP)

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MY PERSONAL EXERCISE PLAN (PEP) Introduction. A Personal Exercise Plan (PEP) is an exercise plan for which is designed specifically for one individual. I will be implementing one to focus on and improve upon the areas within my general fitness, which I believe to be weak. Also to strengthen my body in order to improve various components of fitness. The reason I will be doing a PEP is because I want to improve my cardiovascular system, and improve my specific sport, which is rugby, I want to work on muscular endurance, and my cardio-vascular system. By enhancing my performance to a higher level I will be able to meet the demands of my environment, enabling me to play at a higher level. I believe I am fit already because I feel I can meet the demands of my environment at club level but I want to progress and challenge myself further. I will come up with a variety of exercises, and activities that I will enjoy because I feel that if I don't enjoy the activity, I won't keep it going for an appropriate time. I will base my exercises around enjoyment. I will aim to do three to four sessions a week including specific training with my rugby, and overloading at the gym to improve my muscular endurance. The reason I want to be stronger is for rugby so that I can lift in the lineouts better and quicker and so I can hit hard when making the tackles. The reason I want to improve my cardiovascular system is so that I can go for longer on the rugby pitch and have an advantage over my opponents. I will use the principle of progression to increase my workload week by week; therefore my fitness levels will improve due to being pushed further each session. I already like doing sport because I'm aware of my health I want to keep that up so that I feel better about my self. ...read more.


I feel much drained and I need some more carbohydrates to re-place the energy just lost. I feel that the training I did do "paid off" this is very encouraging and it makes a player want to do more training prior to the match. The score was 12/8 to us. Also after the match I had a cool down to break down all the lactic acid that had been building up while I was working aerobically. Overall the match went well and I felt an improvement. Second week of my Diary. 18th of January Today's session is at Manor School in the gym, because I worked hard yesterday with my match I did feel tired but over the coming month I want to train my body so it won't get tried out so easily. I still did a bit of cardio-vascular work out using the bike and also using the same method (20 minutes work out with a cold drink at the end) I enjoy doing continuous training. Next I went onto the Rower, which again I enjoyed, today I was being challenging against another person, which is good. I like competition I like working against someone else, that's why I go down the gym with a friend, so that we can push each other. After the Rower I did some bench presses because I was feeling tired I started of gently then built it up I think this is less risk of pulling anything. I did some upper body work for about twenty minutes, then went back on to the Rower and had another "friendly" race. 19th of January This session was spent in the sports hall at my school, in there I did circuit training I found this hard, and I did the same circuit which I did last time, because I want to enhance on that the last time I did it, my first full circuit I was on 156 beats per minute (bpm). ...read more.


The session was good and I enjoyed it. 2nd of February Today is my rest day for body and mind. 3rd of February I went down the local gym worked hard and it was good I did the same as I have done before but when doing the weights I always try and push my self to my max and further. I felt it was a good work out band if I look back I can see my self-progressing with the weights, which is in encouraging. 4th of February Resting for the match, which I do for every weekend. 5th of February Match day. I went through the same routine. The match was against Kibworth we won it was a very hard match they played hard. I feel good and I felt fitter than I have done for along time this is very encouraging. 6th of February Today I played indoor football again it was hard but good fun played for hour and a half. 7th of February First session of the day was in the gym at the school and I was doing circuit training, I was not working that hard because I new that I had another session with the East-Midlands Rugby, and I didn't want to tire my self out for that. The session with East-Midlands was hard we played two on ones, this was match situation and we was working out in groups the best way to bet one player with two players this was interesting. It builds up confidence and there is never any put downs from the coach for this more of the "lads" get involved, which make it a better training session. I really enjoyed this session. For the last half an hour we moved on to a short game, which was taxing, because I'm working at a high level but I feel it's better than the Kettering training. 8th of February ...read more.

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