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Personal Exercise Plan - Rounders

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  • Essay length: 3014 words
  • Submitted: 19/11/2004
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GCSE Exercise and Training

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Ellie New

My Personal Exercise Plan

Rounders - An Introduction

Rounders is played by boys and girls, men and women in every county, at different levels, from friendly games to International matches. It is a striking and fielding team game, which involves hitting a small hard leather cased ball with a round wooden or metal bat and then running around 4 bases or posts in order to score a rounder. Bowlers can bowl at over 60mph and batters can hit the ball at more than that. Rounders is supported by many Local Authority Leisure Services Departments and has media support to various degrees from local newspapers and radio stations and has featured on TV in local news items. Rounders is accepted by Sport England who give annual grant aid to the NRA for certain aspects of their work and the Foundation for Sport and the Arts has funded the setting up of the Awards Scheme.

The rules are revised where necessary every 3 years, the last review was in 2002. The last major change was in 1999 when it was decided to award 1/2 rounder for reaching second base after hitting the ball


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