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personal exercise plan swimming

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Personal Exercise Plan. My profile. I am going to construct a personal profile to analyse my needs in the training program so that I can improve my squash technique, my cardiovascular fitness, agility, muscle strength/ endurance, speed and aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Name: Age: Sex: Medical conditions: None. What I enjoy doing: I enjoy swimming, playing squash, jogging, aerobics and power walking. What activities I already take part in: I play squash two or three times a week, and got to the gym, and in the spring I cycle with my friends. I also have bleep test/ fitness test once every two weeks. By improving my muscle strength and endurance it will mean that I am able to train for longer. Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of your heart to deliver oxygen to your muscles over a long period of time. This will build up my heart muscle and allow me to train for longer and cope with the pace of a longer game. By improving my agility it will my ability to perform a series of explosive power movements in a rapid succession in opposing directions. By improving my speed I will be able to get across the court in less time so my opponent has less time to react. Testing my Fitness Level I am going to use specific tests, which are associated with my sport. ...read more.


I will swim, and the rest for the remainder of the time that I have left in the 2 minutes. Repeated 6 times * Fartlex: sprint 10 lengths, recover for 10 lengths. Repeat 3 times. * Individual medley. Repeat 2 times. * Small rest * 25meter sprints and dives. 6 times freestyle * 25meter sprints and dives. 6 times breaststroke * 25meter sprints and start 4 times back stroke * 25meter sprints and dives 2 times butterfly. * 100meters sprint, with dives and correct turns, each stroke. Warm down: * 10 lengths freestyle. Swimming (set 2) Warm up: * 6 lengths freestyle. * 2 lengths breaststroke * 2 lengths backstroke Then I will: * 6 length finger drag, with pool boy - freestyle * 6 lengths catch up - freestyle * 6 lengths touch with arm paddles- freestyle. * 4 lengths freestyle kicking with a float * 6 lengths catch up - butterfly * 6 lengths 1 arm with pool boy - butterfly * 6 lengths catch up - back stroke * 6 lengths arm rotation - back stroke * 6 lengths catch up - breaststroke * 6 lengths catch up with arm paddles - breaststroke * 4 lengths breaststroke kicking with a float. In working on my strokes I hope to for fill the following: Butterfly * Whip your legs together and stroke with both arms simultaneously and symmetrically to dive and glide like a dolphin in the water. ...read more.


Specificity - I have thought about what I would need to do to become a better swimmer, and have made my pep specific to my needs. Progression - the number of reps have progressed as I continue my 6 weeks. Reversibility- if I injure my self or take time out from my six weeks I will lose some of the stamina I have gained, and I will need to allow 3 weeks of training to get back to my normal standard. Frequency - I have a training session 3 times a week, so that I keep my fitness up. Intensity - the intensity of my training varies according to what I am focusing on, when I focus on my technique the intensity is not as hard as I am concentrating on my stroke, however, when I am concentrating on my speed the intensity will be very high. Time - each session of training is not to long, but is the right amount of time for me to work to the best of my ability. Type - I will vary the type of exercise that I am doing so that I do not get board, and so that I enjoy what I am doing. At the end of my six-week personal exercise plan I will repeat the fitness tests again to see if an improvement has been made. I will also check my resting pulse rate to see if it has lowered. ...read more.

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