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Personal exercise program

Extracts from this document...


Personal exercise program Mr Bates Name: Aaron Chester Age: 17 Gender: Male Weight: 62 kg Height: 181 cm Health problems/injuries: None Activities undertaken: Sunday league football Exercise Activity tested Result Group/ national rating To improve/maintain Weight 61kg Height 181cm Jump Spring 37cm Fair Improve Chin ups Biceps 2 Poor Improve Sit and reach Flexibility 9cm Average Maintain Bleep test Vo2 max 10.4 - 48 Average Improve Agility Agility 18.58 sec Average Maintain Balance (static) Balance 19sec Average Ignore Sit ups Abdominal 29 Good Maintain Press ups Triceps 4 Fair Improve Dynamic hand grip strength Left Hand strength 50 Average Ignore Right Hand strength 55 Average Ignore Dynamic leg strength Quads 109 Good Maintain Dynamic back strength Gluteus 89 Good Maintain Hand and eye co-ordination Co-ordination 29 Good Maintain Foot and eye co-ordination Co-ordination 62 Excellent Maintain 30 meter sprint Speed 3.8 Excellent Maintain Fat test Body fat 9% Good Maintain Reaction time Reaction 30cm Average Maintain Queens collage step test Vo2 max 124 Good Improve From the above 18 tests I carried out, I gained the following sets of ratings: * 2 excellent * 6 good * 7 average * 2 fair * 1 poor The majority of my results were in the area of good or average, this majority is one of 72%. As a whole I am fairly happy with these results, as there is room for improvement all over. The test, in which I scored poorly in such as the sergeant jump, press-ups and chin-ups, I fully expected. This was due to the reason that knowing with in my self that my body was not up to the standards of other in my group or age. These tests are ones in which I hope to improve in over the next five weeks of my training. As these are key areas to my game which will be mentioned further on in this piece of work. ...read more.


5 1 Sit ups * Abdominal N/A 15 2 The warm down: * Begin with a 3-minute jog on the treadmill at 5mph. * After that carry out stretches 1 to 7 shown on the sheet of stretches Evaluation of session 2: In this session I found it a lot easy to find the wanted machines and work them, as this was my second time there. This session was very different to session one, even though not many changers were made. I found this session a whole lot easier, in both the aerobic and weight training. After the session, I felt that I had not worked to my full potential, this may be because the night before session 1, I had football training. I did not feel the strains on my body as such when doing the work out, but I obviously tired quicker with out me knowing, which is probably why I found this session a lot easier, and different to this session as I did not have the advantage of comparing session one with another session as it was my first session. So there will be many changes in session three in order for me to improve. Changes will be made on both the aerobic and muscle strength work out. This was done in relation to the time on the aerobic work and either the actual weight I will be lifting or the amount of repetitions. Changes for session 3: 1. Increase the length of time on the cycling machine and cross trainer from 10mins to 13mins 2. Increase number of repetitions on the gastrocnmius press from 15-20 3. Increase reps on triceps push from 10-12 4. Increase reps on biceps push from 10-12 5. Increase sit ups reps from 15-20 The reasons for my changes are simply that after the session I did not feel that this session fully challenged me to my current level of fitness, and as a result of that I would not improve my performance or fitness levels at the end of my sessions. ...read more.


This was to improve my bodies chances and ability to oxidise fat. Another example of this is when in session 9 I increased the time spent on the cycling machine from 17-20 minutes. Instead of increasing my workload across the board (or all at once) I increased them individually for each specific muscle I was working on. For example increasing the number of triceps pull simply to increase the workload for specific muscles. Overload: F: after completing my target of 10 session and after deciding to carry on with this program I will now increase the number of sessions I carry out a week from 2 to 3 I: the intensity of my training increased thought all my sessions. This is evident in the changes to session 8, which included an increase in the number of sets on Gastrocnmius press from 2-3 as well as an increase in the number of sets on leg extensions from 2-3. These changes are evident though out my sessions. T: having now increased my workloads, the length of my sessions like wise has increased in amount of time. As I increase the workloads I will also be increasing the rest periods in relation to the overall time the session takes me, in order to prevent over working myself. The rest periods will now increase from 30seconds to 45 seconds. Reversibility: As I really enjoyed working on the program and saw the mainly benefits from it, I have continued to do more sessions. And carry on with them in the future. This will be in order to keep my current fitness levels as they have increased from what they use to be, as fitness can not be stored. Variation / Tedium: Having only visited the gym twice a week before and now after 3 times, I am yet to change my routine or session plan. I feel that when I carry the sessions out more often or regular I will vary and differ the sessions in order to prevent the session becoming boring and tedious, which could effect my motivation, and therefore my performance in the session. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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