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Personal Exercise Program

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Personal Exercise Program Introduction: Name: Ben Punton Age: 16 Gender: Male Height: 5"10"' Weight: 9st (not exact at present) Health problems/injuries: None. For my G.C.S.E Physical Education coursework project I have been asked to design a six-week training program for myself and perform this program recording the results of the program. One of the requirements of the program is that it should be specified to one particular sport; I have picked football to focus mine on. I play football for my school and for a local team going by the name of St. Margaret's Under 16's. Both teams are very active both during season and pre-season, for my school we try to play one game a week against another local school or another year from our school. The school team also try's to train once a week, during this we go over basic training methods including game scenarios and fitness training. St Margaret's play every Sunday and this season are also entering into a tournament in Belgium. In the past we have taken part in many other overseas tournaments being successful in France winning the tournament convincingly. I also regularly take parts in other sports this including squash, skiing and other sports being participated in school such as rugby, cricket, softball, basketball and I have also undertaken a weeks course in sailing. ...read more.


This should significantly improve my performance in a match and it will help me perform better in later stages of a game and hopefully with this extra stamina I may have an advantage over the opposition. Strength There are three main types of strength: * Static strength. You use static strength to exert force on an immovable object. Muscles stay the same length, there's not much movement. * Explosive Strength, you use explosive strength to exert force in one very short, but very fast movement, this is very like power. * Dynamic Strength, you use dynamic strength to apply force repeatedly over a long time. What I need to consider When designing my training program there are two acronyms that will be every important to consider and use. To complete the program adequately and efficiently I must make sure that I meet all points and efficiently I must make sure that I meet all points on both acronyms, the first one to follow is FITT: F- Frequency of activity- how often we should exercise. For example if you just want to stay healthy you should exercise for at least twenty minutes twice a week. After each hard training session I should give my body at least 24 hours rest before I exercise again. ...read more.


We must start with the same foot each time and we must also fully extend our leg at the top of each step. At the end of the five minutes our speed of recovery is recorded. This is done by taking our pulse for 30 seconds at three different time intervals: one minute after the end: two minutes after the end of the exercise and three minutes after the end of the exercise. The greater our aerobic capacity, the lower our pulse rate will be at the end of exercise. Also it will return to normal more quickly. I will work out my fitness score using the following formula: Strength: To test the improvement of my strength I will use two tests as I am going to be mainly focusing on my upper body strength I will use both the press up test and the one rep max test. The press up test is basically the most amount of press ups that I can do in one minute. The one rep max test is the most amount of weight I can lift in one bench press, the weight must be lifted twice to qualify as the maximum weight I can lift. Personal Program Timetable: Monday Rest day and Test day Tuesday Wednesday Squash Thursday Friday Rest Day Saturday Weight training (upper body) Sunday Football Ben Punton Personal Exercise Programme 11 Channel Planning 1 ...read more.

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