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Personal Exercise Program - Orienteering

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Personal Exercise Plan: My name is Jamie Warner and I am 15 years old. I have a substantial level of fitness and health to overcome the limits of my environment and the needs of my chosen sport - Orienteering. Health is a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of illness or injury. Though my physical welfare is not at its peak level, my mental health is at sufficient levels, so I can be stable in practising my activities. I try fairly hard and I am motivated, though some things that I aspire to achieve are not generally fulfilled; my self-esteem is lowered as a result of this, thus my emotional health may perhaps not be at its zenith. However, it is enough to meet the demands of the activity, so there is no concern as to how it will affect my performance. I have sustained no bodily injuries, with no presence of infirmary, so my exercise plan will not be disrupted through this. I try to keep my physical fitness levels up as high as possible, by working on my cardiovascular endurance, by taking as much exercise as I can each week. I do 20 minutes of jogging each day, mainly for aesthetic development and weight loss. ...read more.


However, the 'average' runner can also benefit from a simplified form of Fartlek training, to develop self-awareness and to introduce variety into the training program. This includes the development of aerobic and anaerobic training zones: I will focus solely on the former, as the latter is not needed. Progression is closely related to overload. It simply means increasing the overload over a period of time-not all at once. However, it is generally accepted that if a person starts out by increasing anything in their exercise program by x amount each day, they can progress by increasing one variable inversely proportional to it or decreasing one variable directly proportional to "x". Progression seems to happen naturally as exercises feel easier over time - I will become willing of more of a challenge by increasing the intensity, duration and frequency of the exercises. If progression is not considered, there will be little point in starting out a personal exercise program in the first place; the main purpose of it is to increase my aerobic fitness, so I will need to progress in this to make any use of it. In my Personal exercise Program, I have increased each exercise I have done by a suitable unit e.g. ...read more.


Cardiovascular endurance to be improved through Continuous training Week 1 Session 1 Warm up Treadmill 4 minutes Speed 6 Stretching of all major muscles Gastrocnemius Hamstrings Quadriceps Deltoids Biceps Bike 4 minutes level 2 to re-warm the body Main session Cross Trainer 15 minutes Rower 15 minutes Cool Down Treadmill 5 minutes level 1 slope gradient 3 Stretching performed during the warm up. This is my first period of training that is suited to my fitness levels to increase my level of performance. I have concentrated on a large increase in intensity in this first group of sessions. These are all specific to my skill related fitness. Muscular Endurance: Warm up: Cross trainer Level 2 8 minutes Stretching Biceps Hamstrings Quadriceps Gastrocnemius Leg press Weight = 16kg 2 sets, 11 reps Tricep extension Weight = 2kg 2 sets 9 reps Leg Extension Weight = 4kg 2 sets 9 reps Bicep curl Weight = 2kg 2 sets 9 reps Leg curl Weight= 8kg 2 sets 9 reps Press ups 2 sets 9 reps Cool down 6 minutes cycle Stretches Week 2: Warm up Treadmill 5 minutes Speed 6 Stretching of all major muscles Gastrocnemius Hamstrings Quadriceps Deltoids Biceps Bike 5 minutes level 2 to re-warm the body Main session Cross Trainer 17 minutes Rower 17 minutes Cool Down Treadmill 7 minutes level 1 Incline 3 Stretching performed during the warm up. In this continuous training session, lasting ...read more.

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