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Personal Exercise Program

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Steven Limandibrata, 10AM P.E. Coursework- Personal Exercise Program Introduction This is a six-week exercise program targeted to improve the skills, fitness and health of a basketball player. The aim of the program is to improve a post basketball player in both terms of cardiovascular fitness and starting muscle. In the game of basketball, you need a demand of cardiovascular fitness, furthermore if you are playing a postposition, a substantial amount of upper body strength and lower body strength. In short, I want to tone my body. Toning is the combination of weight training, aerobic exercise and a healthy diet to decrease body fat and generate muscle. Aerobic exercise burns fat during exercise. Weight training can increase our metabolic rate. One pound of body muscle burns approximately 30-50 calories per day in contrast to one pound of fat, which burns maximum 3 calories per day. The aim of the program is not only to improve the fitness, but also to prevent injury and improve the health of the player. Motivation for exercise Many people do not exercise owing too, lack of time, being lazy or they see no point in taking part in an activity that will not be beneficial. Those who play sports or take part in a physically demanding activity have found their own reasons to exercise. Each individual has different reasons for exercising usually either a personal, physical, psychological or social reason. The people who do not find exercise appealing might want to consider the following; > Exercise can help relieve stress or tension > Taking part in sports encourages social mixing- an opportunity to meet people that share the same interest as yourself > Physical activity can help make the individual look good (external) ...read more.


At the gym, my training lasts one hour, 10 minutes stretching 40 minutes main weight lifting and 10 minutes for my cool down. * Type: What kind of training I did was decided by my sport- basketball. The needed requirements are cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and power. Therefore, that is what I concentrated to improve. 2. Principles of Training o Overload- In order to improve you have to do more than you normally do. The example of this principle is increasing the amount of weights I lift. o Specificity- Doing an activity that benefits my sport. As my sport is basketball, I train what is demanded: the cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. o Progression- Gradually increasing the amount of exercise you do. As I have a reasonably high fitness level my exercise program did not show a great deal of fitness o Reversibility- Exercise must be done on a regular basis to prevent the improvement from training to be reversed. My Training Circuits and programs Fartlek Training Running around the basketball court 20 times. Sprinting at each base line and jogging at the sidelines. This training is to improve my constant change in speed during a basketball game; from slow to fast running. To prevent injury to my ankles, after 10 rounds I reversed my direction. This training targets to improve my cardiovascular fitness because when completing the activity I would have run an approximate distance of 1.8 kilometers. Diet I try to have a healthy diet. Even before I started my exercise program, I was eating healthy. Let me outline some of my eating habits. I have fruits and vegetables everyday. I eat the 'green' colored as they have the most amounts of Magnesium and other essential vitamins and minerals. ...read more.


exhausted after bout * depleted sympathetic response elevated * levels increase Chronic * muscle becomes weaker over time * orthopedic overuse injury * body becomes weaker over time * depleted over time * Parasympathetic response * Increased levels Cortisol- is a produced by the that is involved in the response to; it increases, levels, may cause infertility in, and suppresses the. In, cortisol is referred to as hydrocortisone, and is used to treat and. Parasympathetic- Is the portion of the nervous system which stimulates the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes and stimulates many of the smooth muscles in the body including those of the stomach and intestine. It also tends to slow the heart rate. - is the storage form of carbohydrate in the muscles and the blood, composed of chains of glucose molecules. Results To test my cardiovascular fitness I preformed the Harvard step test. You can see the change in results before and after the program. My recovery has dramatically improved as a result of my PEP. Resting Pulse Rate Pulse Rate Pulse Rate Pulse Rate Pulse Rate Pulse Rate After 1min After 2 min After 3 min After 4 min After 5 min 17 25 22 20 18 17 17 23 20 17 17 17 I took my measurements before and after my training program Before After Chest 34 inches 37 inches Waist 31.5 inches 30 inches Arms 10 inches 12 inches Forearms 9 inches 10.3 inches Calves 13.5 inches 15 inches As you can see, I have improved my cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore my muscle mass has increased. I am extremely proud of my PEP as it actually shown results that I worked hard to achieve. I improved my targets and I enjoyed it very much furthermore, it helped me as well. ...read more.

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