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Personal Exercise Programme

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Age: 17 Height Weight Body Composition: Ectomorph. I am training to improve my overall fitness levels I am doing this so that I am able to me an improved athlete who will have very good endurance levels and therefore will be able to improve in my sport which is swimming. Target Zone: 60-80% Tests done for fitness so far: � The Harvard Step Test => Good � Bleep Test => Level 11.6 � 12 Minute Run =. 2700m � Muscle Endurance => Sitting Tucks => 30 Squat Thrust => 25 � Muscle Speed => Distance - 100m, Time - 13 seconds SESSION 1 - Monday - Cardiovascular equipment SESSION 2 - Wednesday - Cardiovascular equipment SESSION 3 - Friday - Body weight exercises WEEK 1 - 60% Rowing machine - 20 mins Bicycle machine - 20 mins Running machine - 20mins Rowing machine - 20 mins 20 press ups 15 Triceps dips 25 Sit ups 12 shuttles WEEK 2 - 60% Rowing machine -20mins Bicycle machine - 20mins Running machine - 20mins Rowing machine - 20 mins 4 times for 30 seconds -Crunches/abdominal curls 20 Toe raises 25 Tuck jumps 10 Pull ups WEEK 3 - 60% Rowing machine -22mins Bicycle machine -22mins Running machine - 22mins Rowing machine - 22 mins 15 Standing calf raises 17 Triceps dips 12 shuttles WEEK 4 - 60% Rowing machine -23mins Bicycle machine -23mins Running machine - 23mins Rowing machine - 23 mins 22 press ups 17 Triceps dips 26 Sit ups 13 shuttles WEEK 5 - 65% Rowing machine -25mins 25Bicycle machine -mins Running machine - 25mins Rowing machine - 25 mins 4 times for 30 seconds -Crunches/abdominal curls 22 Toe raises 27 Tuck jumps 11 Pull ups WEEK 6 - 65% Rowing machine -25mins Bicycle machine -25mins Running machine - 25mins Rowing machine - 25 mins 16 Standing calf raises 24 press ups 19 Triceps dips Week 7 - 65% Rowing machine -26mins 26Bicycle machine -mins Running machine - 26mins Rowing machine - 26 ...read more.


Further on in session 3 I did 15 standing calf raises, 17 triceps dips and 12 shuttles, I was quite comftable doing this and I felt in the zone and I was completely focused. - EVALUATION- week 4 - resting pulse rate = 80 seconds - pulse rate after one minute = 124 - pulse rate after two minute = 100 - pulse rate after three minute = 85 - pulse rate after four minute = 80 Week 4 was pretty similar to week 3, I added an extra minute on to increase in my time. my, session one = 4636 rowing machine, 3802 bicycle machine. On Session 2 I did 4399 on running machine and my rowing machine time was 4644. If you look at my pulse rate it is an indicator that my fitness levels are improving as they are starting to decrease and hopefully soon I will be able to recover by 3 minutes. Finally in session 3 I did 22 press ups 17 Triceps dips 26 Sit ups 13 shuttles. Im starting to improve the amount im doing and its not too much of a strain, everything is going well, I am now a quarter of the way through my PEP. Evaluation week 5 - resting pulse rate = 80 seconds - pulse rate after one minute = 124 - pulse rate after two minute = 100 - pulse rate after three minute = 85 - pulse rate after four minute = 80 I was happy with my performance and fitness levels in week 5, I cranked up the intensity to 65%, I also made an improvement on the distance I went at which is now 25 minutes. Firstly in session one on the rowing machine I did 4951 and on the bicycle machine I managed 4611. I was more tired in this session than the previous session as I worked harder at my performance, I was happy with my extrinsic feedback as on session one I had improved by quite a bit, I felt comftable and relaxed but I know I still can improve. ...read more.


Overall, I feel that over the 6 week training programme, I've improved my fitness a lot. I performed 3 different varieties of exercise, and I have chosen to continue my personal exercise programme for the next 12 weeks, so that I can continue improving my fitness even more. Before I started the personal exercise programme, I was a bit less interested and enthusiastic as I am now, as I never actually thought that it would make me fitter and I never really thought it would make a difference in my sporting activities. But now that I'm half way through, I really can see that difference and I'm much more eager to do it than I used to be. I have been using this personal exercise programme mainly to train towards my swimming as it is one of my chosen sports. So I've been using the personal exercise programme to get fitter so that I can dance much better and put more effort into the dance itself, and to make myself less breathless at the end of it. Throughout my training programme, a lot of things improved over each week. Such as the level of intensity I was working at, and my recovery rate. But the thing that I found improved the most was the time it took for my pulse rate to return back to my recovery rate. It has got much quicker each week, which shows a very big improvement. Both my stamina and cardiovascular fitness have improved a lot too. I know this because I don't get so breathless anymore, I'm working at a much higher intensity, and my recovery rate has become much lower, showing just how much fitter I've become. Overall, I feel that I've worked extremely hard to become this fit, and I feel that by carrying on this personal exercise programme, I can become even fitter, and make it more of a success than it already is! ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Anatomy and Physiology section.

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