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Personal Exercise Programme

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Personal Exercise Programme Health and Fitness Health and fitness are two very different things being healthy and being fit is not the same thing. Health doesn't just mean the absence of sickness, it's the complete state of physical, mental and social well being. Physical well being means that the heart, the lungs and the other body systems are working well and the individual has no illnesses or injuries. Mental well being is that an individual is able to cope with stress, able to control emotions and the individual feels positive about himself or herself. Lastly social well being is that an individual has enough to eat, clothing and shelter which are the most human's basic needs. Things such as friendship and support and a feeling that you have some value in society is also part of social well being. Whereas fitness is the ability to met the demands of the environment. The environment is everything around the person it includes things like home, school family and friends, all these things make demands of an individual and this shows how fitness is related to everyday life. In the end if an individual is able to meet the tasks they face without getting to tired and still have energy then the person would be fit. There are two types of fitness health related and skill related. Having an improved health means greater efficiency of the heart, reduced cholesterol levels, increased muscle strength, reduced blood pressure and weight loss. Health and fitness are closely linked together. The more easily an individual can meet the demands, which are made of them, the less likely they are to suffer stress or fall ill. However if an individual is ill they wont be able to meet the demands made of them. Health and fitness are really important, as the person needs to be healthy and fit to play basketball. ...read more.


As strength is very important in basketball its better and easier for someone who is younger to play basketball then someone who is older. Older people are more likely to get injured than younger people and basketball is a fast game and injuries are bound to happen. Older people will also take more time to recover from an injury then younger people, which is very important aswell. Age also effects the flexibility and people are most flexible in their teens and although flexibility is not so important in basketball its good to be flexible. As basketball is a very fast game and you have to run all the time you need very good oxygen capacity but as you get older the oxygen capacity gets lower which means that less oxygen gets to the muscles so someone who is 40 wouldn't be able to move fast as a someone who is 15.Age has a very big effect on reaction time because as you get older reaction gets much slower and in basketball you need to have good reaction time so you ca react to any situation. Gender is a big point aswell because its said that men are stronger so it wouldn't be good to give a male and female of the same age the same target for example 10 chin ups. So I would do less training then a boy of my age and my target would be less aswell. Men have a longer and heavier bone structure and woman have wider, flatter pelvis, woman have much more body fat then men so this effects things aswell. Men have bigger muscles because they have higher testosterone levels and women are more flexible then men and this is because they have less muscle. In the fitness tests there was a lot of difference when it came to the strength testing this is because of the gender related hormones produced by the different sexes. ...read more.


They start from one side of the court and work their way to the other end. The two people should stand away from each other and then 1 person runs forward and the person whose at the back passes the ball to the person in front. As soon as the first person passes the ball to the second person the first person runs forward and then the second person passes the ball back and this goes on until they reach further then the free through line so whoever has the ball does a lay up and shoots. Drill 3-Defending There should be 2 lines of people and they should have some distance between them. The first person in the right side should have the ball and the person in the left line should come out of the line and get into a space so the person with the ball comes out and starts dribbling the ball and has to shoot whereas the other person has to stop them and the person with the ball can only shoot when they get to the yellow area and not before that. Drill 4 - mixed In this drill there is a mixture of everything, from lay ups, shooting to defending aswell. In this drill you start from the red area, 1 person stands in the red area and the other stands under the basket, the person who's under the basket starts of with the ball. They pass the ball to the person in the red area and from there the person dose a lay up and takes a shot and then after taking a shoot they move to the free through line. The person whose under the basket gets the ball and passes it to the person the whose on the free through line and from there the person who's on the free through line starts dribbling the ball and tries to get past the other person and they have 30 seconds to shoot. Drill 3-Defending ...read more.

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