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Personal Exercise Programme

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´╗┐Arran Bhatti 11C Personal Exercise Programme GCSE P.E Introduction My chosen sport: Football Position: Right wing The sport that I would like to make my improvements in is football. The aspects of the sport that I want to improve on are: Speed Agility The reason that I want to improve my speed is because I play on the right wing in football, I am required to be fast in attacking and defending situations. For example if there is a corner taken on my side of the pitch and the ball comes out to me on the wing I can make a break, through using my speed to start a counter attack. In a defending situation I need to be able to cover the ground that I have exposed from attacking by sprinting from one side of the pitch to the other. This is why speed is very important in my position. The reason that I want to improve my agility is because I play on the right wing in football, I am required to be able to change direction quickly and without any hesitation in order to beat defenders on the opposing team in attacking situations. For example if I get the ball in an attacking scenario, I need to be able to have good enough agility change direction quickly (to turn round the defender and put him on his weaker foot). ...read more.


But the night before a training session I would a high carbohydrate dinner such as pasta. This was to give me a higher store of glycogen in my body so I could reduce my fatigue levels while I was training. Actual P.E.P Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1 Fitness Tests Interval Rest Fartlek Interval Fartlek Rest 2 Fartlek Interval Rest Fartlek Interval Fartlek Rest 3 Fartlek Interval Rest Fartlek Interval Fartlek Rest 4 Fartlek Interval Rest Fartlek Interval Fartlek Rest 5 Fartlek Interval Rest Fartlek Interval Fartlek Rest 6 Fartlek Interval Rest Fitness Tests Rest Rest Rest Week by week Breakdown Week 1 Week one was the first week of my personal exercise programme. On the Monday I took both my fitness tests and recorded both of the results. For this week I took an estimate of the distances and the amount of reps that I had to do for my interval and Fartlek training as I would need to be able to add more reps over the 6 week period. This is so I could show that I was progressively overloading my body so it could adapt and improve. For my interval training I used 3 distances, these were 15m, 30m and 40m. ...read more.


I used two rest days in the week so my body could recover and so training could be effective. Also this prevents damage and injury. It also gives time for the restoration of: Energy producing enzymes in the muscle fibres stores of carbohydrates in the muscles Hormonal balance and immune system. Week 6 As this was the final week of my personal exercise programme, I needed to conduct the same fitness tests that I did at the beginning of the six week period to see if I have improved or not. For my two methods of training I followed the same amount of reps as my previous week so I could be fully fit for the fitness tests. Fitness Test Results Test results before at the beginning of the 6-week period: 30 metre Sprint (fastest time) ? 4.69s Illinois Agility Test (fastest time) ? 17.09s Test results at the end of the 6 week period: 30 metre Sprint (fastest time) ? 4.41s Illinois Agility Test (fastest time) -16.68 Conclusion of results From looking at the results from at the beginning and the end of the 6 week period, there has been a significant improvement in the results. This shows that the training methods used were correct and that they were used efficiently throughout the 6 week period. 30 m What pace the colors of the arrows represent: 30% 100% 50% 75% 15m 40m 30m ...read more.

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