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Personal Exercise Programme

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Personal Exercise Programme This exercise programme is designed specifically for me as an individual. It is designed to improve my health and fitness and specific fitness levels for my sporting activity, which is Hockey. I currently play at District level for my local town. My main position is GoalKeeper but I also play in defence. The specific fitness levels that I would like to improve and concentrate on are muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, power and flexibility. Fitness requirements Muscular endurance is required for Hockey. Due to playing in defence and having to do alot of sprinting I often find that my muscles in my upper legs become fatigue towards the end of the match. This needs to be worked on and I will do this by carrying out weight training sessions as well as including specific stations in my circuit training. Aerobic capacity also links in with playing in defence. A lot of sprinting is involved including long distance and short distance. I seem to struggle more on my long distance sprinting; therefore I need to adapt my circuit to concentrate on this. I will also concentrate on my aerobic capacity during my training session with my Hockey team. Flexibility is required with playing Goalkeeper and in defence. When playing in goal, being able to stretch for the ball with the legs and to reach high with the arms for the ball when flicked up is a necessity. When playing in defence, flexibility is mainly needed in the arms when reaching for the ball. The training methods that I am going to be using are Circuit Maximums, Gym sessions-weights, and team Hockey training. I have decided to use circuit maximums because it is challenging and highly competitive. I can also adapt the circuit and change the layout of the stations included. I will be taking part in Gym sessions at the local Leisure Centre to help improve muscular endurance and power in the main muscle groups used in Hockey which are hamstrings, quadriceps, gastrocnemius, biceps and triceps. ...read more.


Practises emphasised some of my weaknesses that I have using my reverse stick. I shall continue to practise on those next week. Gym session week 2 > 30 mins gentle jog on the treadmill > Bicep curls 6 sets of 8 reps, 20 seconds rest between set. Level 2 > Leg extensors (quadriceps) 6 sets of 8 reps, 20 seconds rest between set. Level 3 > Hamstring curls 6 sets of 8 reps, 20 seconds rest between set. Level 3 > sit-ups > Pectoral deck 6 sets of 8 reps, 20 seconds rest between set. Level 2 > Calf raises 6 sets of 8 reps, 20 seconds rest between set. Level 3 > Arm extensors (triceps, latts) 6 sets of 8 reps, 20 seconds rest between set. Level 2 Session evaluation During this session I went at my own pace, making sure that all the exercises were performed correctly for safety reasons. The levels that I have chosen for my stations are perfect and the amount of sets that I do are comfortable. Training session week 3 Circuit Maximums This weeks circuit session will be the same as last week but this time I have a time to try and beat. Time taken to complete circuit: 5:15:32 seconds Session evaluation Before I started this weeks circuit session I went through the process of mental preparation. I knew that it would be hard work this week but I kept telling myself that I could do it. My motivation levels were extremely high as this time I had a time to beat, which made it more competitive for myself. I beat my previous time by 0:02:30 seconds which I believe to be a real achievement. I hope that this continues throughout my training programme. Hockey training week 3 > 20 minutes gentle jog. > Stretching of the main muscle groups. > Start off in pairs, run along side each other passing the ball which includes using both open and reverse side stick. ...read more.


However, I didn't manage to beat my time. This does not mean that reversibility is taking place, it is just simply the effect of performing the incorrect technique. 1 hour of aerobics week 8 Gym session week 8 > 30 mins gentle jog on the treadmill > Bicep curls 8 sets of 8 reps, 15 seconds rest between set. Level 3 > Leg extensors (quadriceps) 8 sets of 8 reps, 15 seconds rest between set. Level 4 > Hamstring curls 8 sets of 8 reps, 15 seconds rest between set. Level 4 > sit-ups 8 sets of 8 reps > Pectoral deck 8 sets of 8 reps, 15 seconds rest between set. Level 3 > Calf raises 8 sets of 8 reps, 15 seconds rest between set. Level 4 > Arm extensors (triceps, latts) 8 sets of 8 reps, 15 seconds rest between set. Level 3 Session evaluation This was the most intense gym session that I have performed throughout my exercise plan. I really enjoyed it, my motivation levels were very high and I kept pushing my self. However fatigue did set in very quickly but I was able to carry out the whole sessions without taking a major long break. Throughout my exercise plan I have thoroughly enjoyed my gym sessions. However, I have decided that this will be my last gym session. I only have one more week to go in my exercise plan and I would like to concentrate on my last circuit maximum and my fitness testing. Fitness training week 9 Circuit maximums Overhead passes Step-ups Pull-ups (sitting) Calf raises Press-ups Shuttle runs Star jumps Tricep dips Sit-ups Skipping Time taken to complete circuit- 5:20:39 seconds Session evaluation As this was my last training session that I would be performing, I put my all into it. I really pushed my self; I performed each exercise correctly and even managed to break my time record. Fitness testing week 9 The sergeant jump (power)= 39cm Press ups (muscular endurance)= 22 in 30 sec's The bleep test (cardiovascular endurance)= level 6 8 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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