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Personal Exercise Programme.

Extracts from this document...


Personal Exercise Programme. Introduction. Name: Dilan Wadhia. Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5'10'' Health problems/injuries: None. Activities undertaken: Badminton. I am currently part of the Berkshire badminton squad. I have taken this season off though but have started preparing for next season. My reasons for having a break are not relevant to my tests and this project (I have no current injuries). Facilities available: school gymnasium, local leisure centre, dumbbells and bar available at home, local park fields available for runs and sprints etc. Fitness Test Results Test Result Sit and Reach 21 Vertical jump 48 Pull ups 29 Sit ups 3 30m sprint 5.02 Bleep test 11.9 I feel that all of these tests are suitable for badminton. The sit and reach test will test my flexibility which is an advantage in badminton. The vertical jump is very important since height is favoured for better smashing ability. Pull ups will test the strength and power of my arm muscles which is important in badminton since both attack and defence require powerful shots, for example the smash or clear to the back of the court. Sit ups are generally a good test for fitness and will test my general strength and power in the upper body but mainly in the arms. Badminton requires explosive lunges and sprints around the court so the 30m sprint is a good test for this. The bleep test I feel is the best cardio vascular test there is and endurance is good for badminton since tournaments can go on for lengthy times. Analysis of fitness related to badminton Badminton requires a high level of fitness when a good level of play is reached. By this I mean if you wish to play with some friends socially then you really need to be a very fit person, you just need to be able to get yourself around the court and be able to hit the shuttle back over the net. ...read more.


Also the block shot against the smash tends to be underarm since the opponent smashes to your feet. So this will help me with recovery shots that gain height and length requiring power again. * Squats: This will work on my quadriceps and abdominals and just like above will help me to return a smash from the opponent. * Lateral press: This will work on my biceps and triceps, building up my level off power by using control to raise and lower the bar and building muscle fibre to strengthen them. * Jogging/sprinting: This will mainly work on my leg muscles but will have a general affect on my body on the whole. This is jus to strengthen my leg power and endurance to keep going through a match or even tournament without tiring to quickly. In badminton a lot of the body movement is fast, hence sprinting to all the areas of the court. So 30 metre and 10 second sprints will be done and jogging for 1 minute at a reasonably quick pace. * Sit-ups: This will work on my abdominals. This is again for endurance more than anything else and flexibility. * Weights on shoulder: This will work on my deltoids. This is for power and strength in my shoulders, which is the weakest area in my body due to long term problems that did at one stage have a lot of treatment done on it by physiotherapists. My shoulders tent to ache a lot once I've played a match and doesn't help me for my next match say in a tournament. The only way for this to get better is to strengthen it. The pain will never go. Session 1 First I will do my stretches, which will take up about 2 - 3 minutes. Each stretch will be applied for about 10 - 15 seconds and done a few times each to prevent injuries during my actually work out. ...read more.


Also these are more genetic aspects of fitness, skills you are born with and can hardly be changed by training. Have any improvements been made? Fitness retest results Test Original Results Retest Results Sit and Reach 21 23 Vertical jump 48 49 Pull ups 3 5 Sit ups 29 34 30m sprint 5.02 4.92 Bleep test 11.9 12.2 The sit and reach test should show an improvement because I have been stretching before and after each session. The test only measures the leg and lower back flexibility but does show a substantial increase. In the vertical jump I feel I have a larger improvement in my leg power but the test doesn't show this. Technique plays a big part in the vertical jump and so it may mean that I have bad technique. The pull-up and sit-up tests show very little increase because of how short the programme was. A 7-session programme cannot have large improvements that would show up in these sorts of tests. The bleep test measures the VO2max, which is the maximum volume of oxygen that can be consumed and used by the body per unit of time. I was expecting a very small change if any at all. But I was impressed with my improvement considering the higher-level you are at the harder it is to improve on. Unfortunately my retest results do not show much improvement, but to an extent I was expecting this since my P.E.P was only 7 training sessions long. On the other hand a substantial improvement would have been understandable since my current fitness levels are far below my peak. Although the difference in improvement hasn't been much I do generally feel a lot better about myself and more confident when I am playing in any sport now. I am currently playing football and basketball games on a regular basis and I feel I can go into the match with more than I had before in terms of confidence and energy. 1 DILAN WADHIA ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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