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Personal Exercise Programme

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P. E. P. (Personal Exercise Programme) Name: Lap Lau Form: 11DS Type of fitness: Cardiovascular (Anaerobic and Aerobic) Programme Data Resting heart rate: 65 Max Heart rate: 202 60% Max: 121 80% Max: 161 Date Training HR During HR End Recovery Time Week 1 School Session 1 Fartlik 34 37 125 seconds Session 2 Continuous 38 43 190 seconds Session 3 Football 32 35 120 seconds Week 2 School Session 1 Fartlik 33 37 120 seconds Session 2 Swimming 34 39 175 seconds Session 3 Interval 34 39 170 seconds Week 3 School Session 1 Fartlik 35 38 120 seconds Session 2 Weights 30 38 160seconds Session 3 Football 34 40 130 seconds Week 4 School Session 1 Fartlik ...read more.


has worked well, as it provided me with a guide to follow in order to increase my cardiovascular. However there were some obstacles which had occurred, in the first two weeks; as it started to rain. This caused a problem because the running courses would have made me work harder; it also had an affect on my will to do the training as it was too cold and wet. The PEP has proven it worked as it shows that my Heart rate and recovery times are lower than what they have started with. Fartlik: This was started off with 30Mins for the first Fartlik training session and gradually, each time I did it I added on 5 min to the total time. ...read more.


Weights: This is used to train muscles to be able to use cardiovascular more efficiently. Swimming: I did some swimming as the weather was too bad to do any out door sports and swimming is a good sport to train both muscles and cardiovascular, as u always have to move arms and legs in order to swim and the breathing techniques used in swimming helps to make the cardiovascular stronger. Football: This is done to try and work out how to use which type of cardiovascular, during a football match; and it brings it to the test, to see whether the PEP has worked or not. ...read more.

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