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Extracts from this document...


GCSE PHYSICAL EDUCATION PERSONAL EXERCISE PROGRAMME Name: Robert Evans Form: 11K1 Sport: Cricket Personal Exercise Programme PEP Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire Health History 1. Have you or a member of your close family had any heart problems? No 2. Do you or have you had high blood pressure? No 3. Do you have increased or high cholesterol? No Medical Conditions 1. Do you have or have you had any chronic illnesses? No 2. Have you had recent surgery (within the last 12 months)? No Respiratory Problems 1. Have you a history of breathing problems, e.g. asthma? No 2. Do you smoke? No Other Concerns 1. Do you have difficulties with regular exercise? No 2. Do you have a muscle or joint disorder? No 3. Do you suffer from diabetes? No Exercise History Tick the box which best describes how active you are. 1 I have never been active in sports or exercise. 2 I used to play sports and take exercise but not now. 3 I am quite active as I play but do not train. 4 I play and train regularly. I take aerobic exercise regularly I lift weights regularly. Name: Robert Evans Signature: ............................................. FITNESS REQUIREMENTS for a cricket Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment. Health Related Aspects 1. Cardio Vascular Fitness (Aerobic) i.e. stamina Aerobic fitness is the ability to sustain exercise for a prolonged period of time. It relies on the body's ability to continually take in air, transfer oxygen from the lungs into the bloodstream and from there to the muscle cells to enable the appropriate chemical exchanges to be made to produce energy. In Cricket, aerobic fitness helps you to keep up a high work rate throughout a match and to recover quickly from intense bouts of work. Training involves long periods of steady exercise that can include jogging, swimming and cycling. ...read more.


Personal Exercise Programme My plan for my PEP based on my aims and reasons for taking part in it. Aim or Reason for PEP Exercise Activity to Improve this Aim Justification for my Choice of Activity I want to improve my Cardiovascular system. Swimming - Continuous Training Method and some Interval Training. Swimming is an aerobic activity/I can swim well/ I live near to a swimming pool. I want to improve my Reactions. Ruler Drop - I will keep repeating the ruler drop test to try and improve my reaction speed. I own a ruler/It is a simple but effective activity/It will help my game immensely. I want to improve the strength of my biceps. Free Weights - I will start off doing light weights with lots of repetitions in each set to build up my muscle strength, moving to heavier weights with less repetitions in each set to build up my muscle tone. I own free weights/I need to improve my strength so I will be able to hit the ball further and score more runs. I want to improve my speed. 50-Meter Sprint - I will keep repeating the sprint until I have improved my time. It's easy because all I have to do is measure out the 50 meters I have to run and then run it/Its free I want to improve my co-ordination. Ball against a wall - I will do this test and see how many bounces I can do in a minute. It's easy because all I need is 2 balls and a wall/It's free Name Robert Evans. Signature ..................................................................... Personal Exercise Programme Plan for an exercise session is ----------------------------------------------- e.g. circuit training, resistance training, exercise to music, continuous training. Aims of the session: Facilities/ Equipment necessary: Time allocation for each section of the training session. Warm Up Main Activity Cool Down Description of the main activity e.g. ...read more.


Low impact exercises are recommended and a suitable one might be skipping on alternate legs. Sit ups These have been around for a long time and are one of the prime exercises that fit into the contra-indicated/controversial category. It is now generally accepted that sit ups with straight legs and/or hands clasped behind the neck are bad exercises. There are a number of alternatives but they all require bent legs with hands either on the chest, to the side, placed on the legs or with fingers at the temples or the ears. We do not also need to go through the full range of sit up movements. Vulnerable areas Although there are a number of contra-indicated exercises, the ones of main concern are those that involve the neck and back and that is why the sit up is one of them. It also fits the form of ballistic exercise. We can see from our work on the spinal column and the vertebrae just how vulnerable this area is. Likewise from our study of the knee joint (the most complicated and vulnerable joint in the body) we should now understand why exercises such as star jumps can cause injury to the knee. Overuse exercises are also common in sport and can be avoided. What implications do contra-indicated exercises have for your sport? USING EITHER CIRCUIT OR WEIGHT TRAINING PLAN A SESSION AND SHOW A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION OF PRINCIPLES OF TRAINING, REPETITIONS AND SETS. Or DEVISE AND USE A RUNNING COURSE, SWIMMING SCHEDULE OR OTHER MEANS TO DEVELOP THE CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS, USING A VARIETY OF RECOGNISED TRAINING METHODS AND UNDERSTAND THEIR USE. EXPLAIN WHY YOU HAVE PERFORMED THE EXERCISES IN THE ORDER THAT YOU HAVE AND HOW YOU PROGRESSED THE EXERCISE INTENSITY DEPENDING ON YOUR FITNESS LEVEL. WHICH MUSCLE GROUPS HAVE YOU USED FOR YOUR DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES. HOW HAVE YOU TESTED, MONITORED, RECORDED AND EVALUATED YOUR FITNESS PROGRAMME. HOW DO YOU PLAN TO PROGRESS YOUR TRAINING AND FITNESS LEVELS USING THE APPROPRIATE PRINCIPLES OF TRAINING. ?? ?? ?? ?? Robert Evans, 11K1 1 22 PersonalExercise PE2001 ...read more.

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